Airsoft Mafia Gangster Loadout

Mafia gangster inspiration for airsoft loadout

This airsoft loadout idea is based on gangsters that we can see in mafia movies from the past century. I just thought that there got to be one such loadout for anyone who likes cosplays, LARPs, or just wants to show up in a field with a guitar case and a fedora, light up a cigar and unleash the high-capacity magazine over those that oppose you.

We may say that playing airsoft in a suit probably is not the most comfortable experience, however, believe it or not, it gives you an edge over the others. How? Well, while the others have camouflage, and additional protection, and do not have to worry about putting dirt on their favorite suit, you have something that outstands it all, the style.

When you show up in such style, you do not even have to play a game of soldiers, just get in there, take cover (or don’t) and take them down with a fully automatic Thompson with the extended magazine that allows you to shoot for days.

What can stop you or the awesomeness you bring? The nasty field rules… yeah sometimes they do not allow full auto, high capacity drum mags, and cigars.

We all know that to a true gangster it should not be a problem to break some rules because rules are there to be broken and a gun opens many doors better than a smile on a face.

Okay, now seriously do not break the airsoft rules, I am just joking, and let’s dive into the mafia gangster loadout.

Primary airsoft mafia gangster guns

Thompson M1928 (M1A1 original) – The Tommy Gun

Thompson M1928 Full-Metal Airsoft Submachine Gun 6mm

The Thompson M1928 is a fantastic replica of the real-life Thompson M1A1 and it might be in fact my favorite gun that was manufactured in the last century for the first time.

This gun might also be the most popular gun seen on TV and it’s been used by everyone from soldiers and gangsters to police officers and bank robbers.

In my opinion, Thompson and AK are the most classic and cultish guns in modern history.

The Tommy Gun alone was known to be capable of delivering firepower equal to the firepower of 3 other guns and it was first used in world war 1.

Today, technology has developed and there are other powerful guns out there, but Tommy can still compete because it is not old and useless as some may think.

Even by modern standards, Thompson M1A1 is a scary weapon, but we must admit that its biggest disadvantage is relatively poor accuracy and penetration power.

Therefore, it was mostly used for close combat scenarios where its fire rate and firepower could easily spread mayhem to anything in front of it and there would not be much that the other side could do without a properly thick cover.

In airsoft, the Tommy Gun replica does a wonderful job of mimicking the real one and it will offer you everything that you are looking for besides that real kick when you shot and the heat in your hands as you are approaching the end of the magazine.

Bring this to the CQB if the FPS limit allows it and start to own everything around you or bring it to the skirmish and do the same, just do not forget to drive to the field in a Cadillac, it adds to the flavor.

Drum Magazines

Cybergun Thompson Chicago AEG Drum Mag, 450 rds

In case you want to spray a lot and really get into the role of a gangster, perhaps you may want to consider getting an additional magazine, so you do not have to refill one in the middle of the action.

Sawed-off shotgun

Sawed off airsoft mafia gangster shotgun
Photo Source: Airsoft Station

Manufactured a few years after the Tommy Gun, double barrel sawed-off shotgun had arrived as a force to be reckoned with in every close combat scenario.

The purpose of shortening the barrel was to make it compatible and easy for concealed carry which is something that especially benefited gangsters and criminals.

The sawed-off is the epitome of a CQB shotgun, so I would prefer it for CQB games both as a primary gun and as a secondary one.

What it lacks is the range, so skirmishes can get quite challenging with such airsoft guns, but if you are up for the additional challenges, go challenge yourself.

The most amazing thing about this gun is its aesthetics and realistic reload because you actually have to reload it with replicated bullet shells. It is powered by gas which also adds to realism and if you want to know more about it just take a look at the video below and see it in action.

Secondary airsoft mafia gangster guns


Colt Government 1911 Airsoft GBB Pistol 6mm

Pistols were a common tool in the lives of gangsters back in the day and one of the best-known and most reliable handguns that existed back in the past is the Colt 1991.

This was a frequently used handgun throughout the last century and the military used it just as often as the robbers and gangsters had.

John Dillinger had used the enhanced version of this gun, he took it and gave it to the gunsmith who then modified it with a vertical forearm grip, extended the magazine, and made it full auto.

In airsoft, we do not really have the modified replica yet available ( although you could experiment and make one yourself with upgrades that are available), but the good old Colt 1991 has its realistic replica and you can find one here.

A suit

There are a bunch of cosplay and party gangster suits on Amazon and you can find one that suits you.

I would personally rather wear some of the real suits from my grandpa though, so it is definitely a better pick if you do not mind catching some dirt on it in a game.

If we care about suits and do not want to damage them, my favorite simple pick from Amazon is the following set, but I would smoke a real cigar instead of a plastic one if you are a non-smoker it may fit you well though.

A violin case (optional, but too cool to skip)

To skip a case in this loadout and carry the Tommy Gun in a mere bag is worse than dropping a jelly sandwich on a foot, so you might need one to fit the Tommy Gun in.

I could not find an authentic and vintage violin case online, so if you really want to nail the loadout you can try to look for one in those vintage stores or pawnshops.

However, real violin cases can cost $300 and this is an additional expense in my case, I would skip it, unfortunately.

This kind of a vintage violin case would fit the purpose

Perhaps, a violin case could be used as your regular airsoft bag, it has enough room to fit most primary guns along with some secondary smaller ones and additional devices.

Enjoy your next airsoft game or cosplay adventure!


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