Airsoft Rules Every Beginner Should Know

Importance of knowing airsoft rules for beginners

Every airsoft field has some sort of rules that regulate the game and thus make it safer, more enjoyable, and balanced.

Some rules may sound weird, some rules make perfect sense and it is always up to the field to integrate the rules, so the rules you find in your local field will probably differ from the rules in my local field.

I will mention the most common rules and some less common ones and explain their purpose, so you know what you can expect in your airsoft journey. These rules are sometimes broken, so if you are interested to know about cheating in airsoft and how players prevent it, also check out that article. Without rules, airsoft wouldn’t be playable and it is on us to protect it!

What counts as a hit in airsoft?

Receiving a BB in any part of the body including the gear and guns counts as a hit in airsoft unless there are specific rules unique to the local field. Normal ricochet BBs do not count as a hit under most field rules, but ricochet BBs that hit you as a result of a grenade being thrown do count as a hit.

When you are unsure whether a BB that hit you was a ricochet BB from a gun or a direct hit you should either call yourself out or ask other nearby participants in the field whether it was a direct hit or not.

However, quick games such as CQB games usually operate at a high pace, so whenever you are unsure about receiving a direct hit it is a good practice to call yourself out and wait for another turn in order to keep the game going.

Airsoft lacks proof of being hit, so unlike paintball where you get marked, in airsoft, it is important to keep a word. However, usually, there are other players on the field who witness their teammates and enemies being shot, so cheating is not that easy.

Cameras and refs are an additional bonus and once you get marked as a cheater it is difficult to earn trust, which can even get cheaters kicked out from the field.

How do you respawn in airsoft?

There are days when you are so good and you avoid getting hit and obliterate everything, but eventually, everyone gets hit and goes down.

Respawn rules are important to balance the game and every field has them implemented.

Respawn rules primarily depend on the game mode because it is important to reward the player for taking the enemy member down, but it is also important to allow the taken enemy to get back to the game.

This is usually done by implementing the following rules:

  • 1. A player can simply walk out of the field to the safe zone with a raised hand and either wait for the next game or immediately re-enter the game after walking to the resurrection zone at beginning of the field (or anywhere else if the field says so
  • 2. There is a role of a medic assigned to a specific team member (some fields allow everyone to be a medic) and the medic needs to either bandage the fallen ally, mark them with a piece of leather or rope or hold them until the countdown is over (usually 10 seconds). Sometimes the fields require the target to be pulled to the safe area before the resurrection process can be applied ( a cover or a designated respawn place) but it must be done by a teammate! If there are no team members to assist with the resurrection for a given period of time, the player can leave the field and wait for the next game.
  • 3. A fallen player vocalizes that they have been hit and raises their hand or marks themselves with a colorful piece of cloth. Additionally, to this, they can also sit on the ground and wait for help.

Can you use full auto in airsoft?

Full auto airsoft guns are a controversial topic and while many fields have regulations regarding using the full auto mode, some fields do not pay too much attention to this and allow them.

However, usually, CQB airsoft fields do not allow full auto because everything is more dangerous at close proximity while it is usually allowed to use full auto in outdoor games.

So you should not rush for that awesome full auto airsoft gun you spotted in a store before you check out whether the field where you’ll be playing allows it in the first place.

What are basic safety rules?

All airsoft fields require that you wear some sort of safety eye protection, some fields may not allow safety glasses and will only allow fully sealed goggles for eye protection.

Rarely do fields go further and demand face masks, helmets, or other protective gear so it is rather optional. However, it is recommended to protect yourself as much as you can to avoid pain and damage, so I have written a guide that will guide you through what you need to wear.

Regarding safety rules, some fields also forbid intentionally scoring headshots at closer distances and there are usually MED rules that vary from field to field.

What is the maximum FPS allowed for airsoft guns?

FPS helps you achieve better performance with your airsoft gun, but also the higher it is, the worse damage gets to the player on the receiving end.

Fields usually have some rules regarding the FPS and the distance at which you are allowed to hit the target.

Usually, the fields implement the MED (medium engagement distance) and chrono the airsoft guns for the allowed FPS before you can enter the field.

Airsoft fields state the maximum FPS of a gun you can bring and some average is 380 FPS. Yet, there are fields that do not allow FPS above 350 and fields that allow FPS up to 500 but with mandatory MED regulations.

That said, sometimes there are no regulations regarding maximum FPS or MED, but players use common sense and ethics in order to minimize the injuries, so they do not aim for the head if they do not have to, use a lower FPS airsoft gun (or lower FPS yourself with the guide) for close encounters, evoke the bang rule or a tap on the shoulder.

Bear in mind when a player is dressed well, the BBs do not hurt! This also indicates the importance of the most important piece of gear, safety eye protection! Good eye protection can stop a 500 FPS BB shot from 5 feet without cracking, but a low-quality one can’t!

In conclusion, if there are FPS requirements they are there for your safety.

What means to chrono an airsoft gun?

Airsoft chronograph is a small device that measures the output velocity from the gun’s barrel. Fields do this to ensure you pass the FPS limits, so the gun is not dangerous or that it fits certain criteria.

What is a bang rule?

The Bang rule has the same purpose as shoulder tapping, to skip an unnecessary shot from being fired if you can simply yell or tap the target. This is usually done when you approach the target from behind and they don’t see you.

However, the bang rule can also be used when you get in front of a target but you are too close and do not want to hurt your field buddy. When you yell BANG, it counts as a hit, so if you were quick enough and had a gun pointed at the enemy, it means that you would take them down anyways, but instead, you spared them some pain.

This rule depends on the field and solidarity of players, so it is hard to define it and not always necessary.

What is MED?

MED or minimum engaging distance is created to protect players from being hit by high-velocity guns at close distances because it can promote the odds of a person experiencing injury or at least experiencing pain.

For example, the field states that you can’t hit a target at 50 feet with a 400 FPS gun.

It is important to understand that if you wear good protective gear then it is unlikely that you are going to experience any serious pain and the odds for injuries are higher in case you twist an ankle than getting injured from a BB.

However, fields set up MED rules and FPS limits to help players feel protected so check out what your local field states about them.

What is blind firing?

Blind firing is one of the worst tactics you can implement in airsoft but it can also be dangerous and certainly, it can be unfair to the opposite team.

Blind firing is defined as shooting randomly and hoping that you hit something which you do not see. So, for instance, blind firing usually happens when a player is protected by a cover and they do not expose themselves to the enemy team but rather pushes the gun out of the cover and blindly opens fire.

This is terrible for accuracy, but the biggest problem is that this does not allow the enemy player to counter fire and because hits through the cover do not count in airsoft, it is impossible to take down the target that is not exposed at all at the moment of shooting.

Another big issue with blind firing is that it is easy to unintentionally hit the target in the head, while it could be perfectly avoided if you had the aim.


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