Best Helmets for Airsoft (in 2023)

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When it comes to airsoft, the right helmet can make all the difference in your gameplay experience.

A good helmet is an essential part of your protective equipment as it protects your head, opens room for useful attachment gadgets, and most important of all, makes you look cool.

In this article, we’re going to dive into the world of airsoft helmets, exploring the various types available, the crucial factors to consider when choosing one, and the top options for 2023. We’ll also provide valuable tips on how to maintain and care for your helmet to ensure it stands the test of time.

Whether you’re a casual weekend warrior or a dedicated airsoft enthusiast, your helmet is your first line of defense, and it’s time to find the perfect one for you.

1. ATAIRSOFT Maritime Helmet for Airsoft

When it comes to airsoft a nice combination of safety and comfort is paramount. The ATAIRSOFT Maritime Helmet combines high-quality construction, adjustability, and protection to elevate your gameplay experience and easily fits in the category of high-quality, durable airsoft helmets that support night vision.

Key Features:

  • Material & Weight: This helmet is crafted from high-quality ABS material, ensuring both durability and a lightweight feel. Weighing in at approximately 840g, it strikes a balance between sturdiness and comfort.
  • Fully Adjustable Size: The helmet features an adjustable dial knob for head size adjustment, providing an ideal fit for a range of head sizes. The M/L size accommodates head circumferences of 53-57 cm (21-22.5 inches), while the L/XL size fits head circumferences of 58-61 cm (22.5-24 inches).
  • Versatile Accessory Compatibility: With side rails featuring goggle strap clips, a front NVG shroud, and Vecra panels, this helmet is equipped to host various accessories. The bungee retention for NVG ensures stability, and you can easily attach patches, IFF, safety lights, and nametapes. Plus, the NVG mount is replaceable with just three screws.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Inside the helmet, you’ll find soft padding designed for both comfort and protection. The adjustable chin strap allows for a secure and snug fit.


1. Durable ABS Build2. Adjustable Size3. Versatile Accessory Compatibility4. Enhanced Comfort
Made of high-quality ABS material for long-lasting durabilityFully adjustable to fit a range of head sizesCompatible with various accessories for customizationSoft padding inside ensures comfort and protection


1. Slightly Heavier2. May feel tight for some users
Weighs approximately 840g, which is slightly heavier than some helmetsMay feel a bit tight for users with larger head sizes (consider removing the padding)

2. ATAIRSOFT PJ Type Tactical Airsoft Helmet (Budget Pick)

Looking for a reliable and lightweight helmet for your airsoft adventures? The ATAIRSOFT PJ Type Tactical Airsoft Helmet is designed with both protection and comfort in mind and it’s ideal for those on a budget, especially for beginners.

Key Features:

  • Ideal Fit for Most: This helmet is designed to accommodate players with a head circumference of about 59cm (23 inches) or below.
  • High-Quality Construction: Crafted from high-quality ABS engineering plastics, this helmet strikes a balance between durability and lightweight performance. It weighs in at approximately 550g, ensuring that it won’t weigh you down during your airsoft missions.
  • Accessory-Friendly: The helmet comes equipped with side rails that can be used to attach a variety of accessories. Additionally, it’s compatible with most GoPro NVG-style mounts, although the NVG mount itself is not included.
  • Comfortable Padding: A comfortable internal soft pad ensures a snug fit while providing added protection for your head.
  • Versatile Outdoor Use: This helmet isn’t just for airsoft. It’s also suitable for activities like paintball, bicycling, hunting, and various outdoor sports, making it a versatile addition to your gear arsenal.


1. Durable Build2. Lightweight Design3. Accessory Compatibility4. Comfortable Fit5. Price
Crafted from high-quality ABS engineering plastics for long-lasting performanceWeighing around 550g, ensuring agility and comfortEquipped with side rails for attaching accessories such as night vision or lightsInternal soft padding provides a snug fitOne of the most affordable helmets on the market


1. Limited Size Range2. NVG Mount Not Included
May not fit individuals with larger head circumferences (recommended for head circumferences around 59cm or below)Although compatible with most GoPro NVG-style mounts, the NVG mount itself is not included

3. Valken Paintball MI-7 Goggle/Mask

The Valken Paintball MI-7 Goggle/Mask is a game-changer for airsoft enthusiasts, as it’s designed to provide exceptional protection, comfort, and especially important clarity during your airsoft adventures. If you have problems with fogging, this is the solution. Paintball goggles/masks are the best deal for airsoft when it comes to mere functionality, but some players don’t like the appearance and then rather opt for a classic tactical helmet + goggles/glasses loadout.

Key Features:

  • Double-Paned Thermal Lens: The dual-pane thermal lens system is treated with a hard coat for exceptional durability. It’s not only fog-resistant but also scratch-resistant, ensuring that your vision remains clear and unobstructed throughout intense airsoft battles.
  • Extreme Protection: To keep you safe during play, the MI-7 goggles/mask incorporates a double layer of foam both in the frame and around the ears. This ensures a snug fit and added protection against paintball impacts. In airsoft, it might not be a big deal against plastic BBs, but you know this helmet is tough.
  • Extreme Vision: The MI-7 offers unparalleled visibility with a 160-degree vertical field of vision and an impressive 260-degree horizontal field of vision. With such a wide viewing angle, you can confidently navigate the battlefield and avoid those unexpected obstacles.
  • Enhanced Safety: With the increased visibility, you can see where you’re walking, minimizing the risk of tripping and spraining your ankles. The eye protection glass fits the highest standards, so you don’t need to worry about any extra glasses or goggles.


1. Dual-Paned Thermal Lens2. Exceptional Durability3. Double Layer Foam for Added Protection4. Outstanding Visibility5. Enhanced Safety
Fog and scratch-resistant dual-paned thermal lensHard coat treatment for long-lasting durabilityDouble layer foam offers added protectionProvides a wide field of vision (160 degrees vertical, 260 degrees horizontal)Promotes safety by preventing tripping and injuries


1. May not fit all head sizes comfortably2. Doesn’t support attachments
Some users may find it doesn’t fit their head size comfortablyNo room to attach your favorite night vision, lights or GoPro

4. JFFCESTORE Helmet with Full Face Mask

The JFFCESTORE Tactical Helmet/Mask offers a unique dual-mode wearing design that covers your entire head, ensuring maximum versatility and protection for your face during tactical activities. Moreover, it looks super cool and scary.

Key Features:

  • Unique Dual Mode Wearing Design: This mask can be worn in two different ways. You can use the elastic headband-wearing mode or connect it to a tactical helmet through accessories to form a unified whole. This dual-mode design ensures full head protection and can be adjusted according to your specific needs. The mask can also be used on its own.
  • High-Quality Materials: The helmet is made from durable material and includes nine self-adjustable EVA padding pieces for optimal comfort. The main material of the mask is heavy-duty reinforced nylon. The lens, constructed from PC, not only shields your eyes from cold winds but also protects against harmful UV rays.
  • Tactical Equipment Installation Platform: This mask comes with side rails, goggle strap clips, NVG shroud, and hook and loop panels. These features allow you to mount accessories such as flashlights, survival lights, signal recognition lights, and headset holders. The hook and loop panels around the mask provide additional space for unique helmet customization with patch attachments.
  • Adjustable Straps and Pads: The mask includes adjustable suspender straps and a chin/neck pad to ensure the best possible fit. Adjustable buckles on the strap make it easy to adjust the tightness with just one hand. It’s designed to fit head circumferences ranging from 56-60cm (22-24.4 inches), making it suitable for adults with head circumferences less than 24.4 inches (L/XL size).


1. Unique Dual Mode Design2. Durable Materials3. Tactical Equipment Installation Platform4. Adjustable Straps and Pads5. Offers full-face protection
Offers two wearing modes for maximum versatilityMade from high-quality materials for durabilityAllows for accessory mounting and customizationProvides adjustable straps and pads for a secure and comfortable fitYou won’t worry about receiving hits in the head as your entire face is safe from hurling BBs


1. It gets hot behind the mask2. Not suitable for small head circumferences
Wearing the full face mask with the helmet in humid and hot weather will make you sweatThis mask may be too big for children and adults with small head circumferences

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Airsoft Helmet

Selecting the right airsoft helmet isn’t just about picking the most popular model or the one that looks the coolest. Several critical factors should influence your decision, ensuring that your choice aligns with your safety and gameplay requirements:

1. Helmet Material and weight

The material of your airsoft helmet plays a significant role in determining its protective capabilities and weight. Common materials include lightweight yet durable options like high-density polymer, fiberglass, or even carbon fiber for advanced models.

These materials differ in weight, and due to the fact that we don’t need a high level of head protection because we are not dealing with real battles but rather with hurling plastic BBs and occasional branches, any quality polymer material will be sufficient.

I used to wear a real, steel helmet for a day and then realized it’s not worth it as you don’t need that extra weight against your neck.

2. Protection

Talking about the importance of protection in airsoft, helmets may not need to be cut out of steel, but dense polymer is important!

Airsoft is generally safe to play, but injuries do happen, and keeping the head from injuries is always a priority.

Plastic BBs can’t hurt you as long as you have good eye protection, but in the thrill of a game, it’s not unusual to hit the head against the doorframe, window frame, a branch, or to slip and hit the ground.

A solid dense polymer will offer just enough protection in these instances, especially if the helmet has padding.

3. Fit and Comfort

A well-fitting helmet is crucial for comfort and protection. Look for helmets with adjustable straps and padding that can be customized to match the shape of your head. It’s important that the helmet stays securely in place while remaining comfortable during prolonged gameplay as otherwise you’ll throw it away and continue to play helmetless.

4. Attachments and Accessories

Consider the attachments and accessories you may want to add to your helmet. Many airsoft helmets come with accessory rails or Velcro panels for attaching gear like lights, cameras, or communication systems. Ensure that the helmet you choose is compatible with the accessories you plan to use during gameplay.

Final take

Choosing an airsoft helmet is not rocket science, but don’t choose cheap plastic helmets that will break after hitting the ground.

We don’t need high-protection helmets made from steel that weighs a lot in airsoft, but a good helmet should still protect our heads.

Moreover, attachments such as night vision, lights, or GoPro cameras are a fantastic way to spice up the airsoft experience, so don’t forget to look for a helmet that supports the attachments if that’s your thing.

In this article, I tried to cover the best options you have whether you are looking for full face protection, plenty of room for gadgets, or budget alternatives.

Personally, I find the first mentioned ATAIRSOFT Maritime Helmet as the best deal as it looks tactical, comes with room for gadgets, offers good protection, and doesn’t break.

The paintball mask is awesome, but I don’t prefer their look for my load-outs and full-face masks annoy me during the summer because I sweat a lot.


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