About Us

My name is Dino and I started this blog when I realized that despite my tendency to make grammar mistakes, I like to write and share my opinions and knowledge to help others solve their problems.

I first discovered paintball and was fascinated by the sheer fun of it, yet I was feeling something was missing. Then I found out about airsoft and found in it everything that was missing.

As I learn new stuff, I like to write it down because it also helps me remember it faster. This is precisely how I started this blog and eventually as I got more experience, I added more information to the articles to make them as accurate as possible. (Although I know there’s still lots of work to cover all those topics I have in my head.)

I tend to be focused on beginner-friendly content to lure as many people to airsoft as I can and help grow the community, but I also touch on other topics.

I have recently also started a homebrewing blog (brewingway.com) where I share another passion of mine, so if you have time check it out. There’s nothing better than a beer after a long day of airsofting.


If you have ideas for topics, want to participate in this blog by sharing your thoughts, or have any suggestions you can send me an e-mail at airsoftgarrison.com.