Using Airsoft Guns for Self Defense – Find Out are They any Good?

Man aims with a gun from the shadows

Airsoft guns seem to be cheaper than real guns, easier to maintain, and easier to obtain in most countries over the world. Therefore, people ask themselves whether it would be smart to use one as a self-defense weapon?

Can airsoft guns provide you with the advantage that is required to survive and escape, or maybe even prevent potentially dangerous situations from occurring is a reasonable question, so let’s find out.

So, can you use an Airsoft gun for self-defense?

You should not use Airsoft guns for self-defense because they lack the power to stop an intruder. Airsoft guns are a terrible choice for self-defense and could bring you more harm and legal problems than protection.

Airsoft guns are toys incapable of self-defense purposes

Airsoft guns are categorized in law as toys and not as the real firearm in most countries.

It may look like a real gun but it is just a well-done replica based on how well the manufacturers have their job done.

So, it is easy to assume that Airsoft guns lack the power to stop any living target but ants, for example, a real 9mm pistol has an average muzzle energy of 467 joules.

In comparison the average airsoft toy replica shoots a 0.20-gram bb at 350 feet per second, causing muzzle energy of only 1.14 joules. Some guns like the .308 hunting rifle reach 3200 joules, and at the best, one of the strongest Airsoft replicas reach with heavier ammo (0.45 grams) only 7.53 joules.

So at its best, it will cause some damage to the eye of the attacker, assuming that you are that good marksman to score such a hit under pressure and within a limited time before you get disarmed.

In my post about how painful it is to get hit by an airsoft gun, you can see what happens when a person gets hit without protection and how serious the injuries can get.

If you take out a gun, expect to shoot it!

Often people do not respect guns enough, and even if we talk about a real gun some people will carry it just for fun or to show how big of a man they are.

The lack of respect is a serious problem because if you ever show your gun in PUBLIC, expect to suffer the consequences because someone will certainly react to it one way or another.

This leads us to a situation where you have to defend yourself from an attacker.

If you pull your gun out of your trousers or jacket and aim it toward the attacker, logically, what do you think will happen? Well, there are a few possible options that may occur depending on what kind of an attacker they are.

Option one: You will scare them and make them run

Yeah, some people will stop immediately with all their actions and freeze in a place experiencing a shock that will be followed by some cold sweat.

This is not only risky but could later put some legal obligations on your behalf.

Attackers who will get frightened like this do exist but most of them will rather act in a different and unexpected way, which leads us to our next attacker profile.

More likely option: React to fire with fire

No matters what the situation may look like or your previous relations with attackers, once you pull out a gun on someone, it is only about survival, because he who lives talks.

If they have the real guns they probably won’t hesitate to pull out their gun if an opportunity occurs and they will be now aiming at you, but probably their aim won’t be static for long, because the recoil caused by a couple of shots that they shoot at you will certainly shake things up before you acknowledge them with the fact that it is just a replica in your hands.

There have been many situations when someone was misunderstood for holding a real gun, while in fact, it was just an Airsoft toy gun. The outcome would sometimes be very unwanted, resulting in the deaths of innocents.

I remember a story that was in the news some time ago, basically, some kids were carrying the guns around trying to imitate the gangs from the hood. 

After driving in a car for some time they decided that it would be a good idea to show the guns off through the car windows.

Besides their friends and civilians, there were also police officers who immediately after spotting them, pulled out their own real guns, and prepared to unload a magazine toward them.

Kids stopped the car and started to panic, they had found themselves in a dangerous situation and put others at huge risk.

Police would probably start shooting if they went out of the car, but if they decided to stay inside of the car and made suspicious hand gestures they would only further increase the odds of the death penalty.

Kids stayed in the car and screamed that those guns were not the real ones but if it was not for neighbors who convinced the police they may have had lost their lives that day.

There are many such examples where a single unthoughtful decision resulted in a fatal scenario.

If the kids died in a crossfire, imagine how would the officers feel after realizing that it was just a replica of a gun that could not do anything dangerous, but they took a life without knowing it?

Please, stay out of such situations and always treat your Airsoft gun as a real gun wherever you go, even if it is not.

Can you conceal carry an Airsoft gun?

Airsoft guns are seen as toys and are not regulated as firearms, so you can conceal carry an airsoft gun without a permit. The important question is, should you?

As I have mentioned above, carrying an airsoft gun can be easily mistaken for the real one and it can cause problems, so just do not carry them around for self-defense unless you are going to a field or nearby place where you are going to play a match or practice shooting in the controlled environment.

If you ever leave your property with an Airsoft gun, check whether you should have those orange markings at top of your gun’s muzzle, the chances are if you have bought it with it and later on removed it, it is still required if the police stop you.

Can you use the BB guns for self-defense?

The chances are that you have heard of BB guns, also known as Air guns and you may be thinking well if I can not use Airsoft guns for self-defense, maybe the more powerful Air guns that shoot steel beams may be a better option?

I decided to mention this because I have seen that some people ask this question right after they hear the truth about airsoft guns for self-defense purposes.

Well, BB guns do not work either! They may be more impactful and may cause a bit more damage to the person’s skin, but besides some bruises and temporal pain, they will not do much either and will result in the same outcome, just enraging the attacker furthermore.

Using Airsoft guns to train self-defense

Airsoft guns can be a great way to get used to real guns by offering you a cheap alternative to practice shooting.

They can help you improve the mind-muscle connection and evolve your aiming skills and you will save lots of money if you train with Airsoft guns instead of using real guns.

Airsoft guns are well known to be used in police and military departments while sharpening their skills.

If you really want to use Airsoft guns for self-defense, then try to use them while you train shooting, later on, if you ever happen to switch to a real gun you will have an easier time adjusting to it.

Man practices shooting inside with an airsoft gun
Man shooting an airsoft gun at a training target

Self-defense tools that work

If you need a weapon for self-defense I will appoint you to some that you can easily get from webshops or from your local stores.

The recommended self defense weapons are a great defensive option as they are designed with simplicity and effectiveness in mind. I personally use the Self-defense key chain and many of my friends carry pepper sprays and sound alarms.

Pepper spray

Pepper sprays are a perfect tool for survival as they have purpose ranging from self defense against humans to animals. This little pepper spray you can wear on a keychain can reach up to 10 feet and ruin the perpetrator’s day.

Pros: Cheap, Reliable and simple to use, Ideal for Women

Cons: Not ideal on long distances on windy days, but still works great at close proximity.

Self-defense key chain

Pros: Compatible, Cheap and simple to use.

Cons: Requires some self-defense or martial arts knowledge to be properly used.

Safe sound personal alarm

Safe sound alarms are a perfect choice for women and kids, but it’s psychological factor has a purpose in everyone’s hands.

Pros: Cheap, Ideal for Women and kids, Attention is sometimes the greatest weapon.

Cons: If there are no people nearby, effectiveness may be reduced. However, in urban regions, it is an ideal tool to have.

Stunt gun

Pros: Will send the attacker to the other realm, Does not require much accuracy.

Cons: Expensive

Conclusion on self-defense and airsoft guns

Self-defense is something that most people are not prepared for, yet they should be.

Nowadays, the danger may stalk you at any corner without you knowing about it before it becomes too late. Being self-aware of what may happen can save lives.

As we have seen, airsoft guns are not a viable option when it comes to defending yourself, but some other tools can certainly be used.

Besides the tools that I recommended, I also believe that you should take classes in martial arts to boost your confidence and to get used to be under pressure.

The golden rule that I would like to finish this post with is to run and train your cardio! It is always better to run away and escape than to get involved in brawls!


Dino is a thrill seeker who loves to share what he learns about his favorite hobbies.

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