Navy SEALs Airsoft Loadout

Navy Seals in action for purpose of airsoft loadout

Navy SEALs airsoft loadout is finally out and you will be able to join the airsoft military simulation or LARP community in style.

In this loadout guide you will read about Navy SEALs and their accomplishments and later find the replicated Navy SEALs gear that comes quite realistically to serve the purpose.

This is one of my favorite loadout ideas because there are not many military units such as Navy SEALs out there that deserve such attention and respect for their accomplishments in the history that is still writing it self thanks to them.

Founded in 1962. the Navy SEALs are a reputable unit known for being an effective force for variety of the most challenging military missions across the world.

They have been founded back in the days of Vietnam War when the president Kennedy decided to strengthen the special operation forces with an addition capable of taking on the most challenging tasks.

What makes Navy SEALs special is the fact that they were founded as a unit that can operate from anywhere, land, sea and air.

Traditionally their members come from the U.S. Navy and knowing the fact that the Navy controls all crucial sea points and enormous arsenal of battleships, aircraft carriers and submarines, it makes perfect sense why Seals have all the requirements to operate at any place in the world which also differences them from other special and military units.

To state that SEALs wear only the following loadout would be wrong because they change their uniforms and gear accordingly to the situation.

However, the following loadout is quite accurate representation of Navy SEALs and although you may find that not all details always match this is my attempt to find a proper airsoft loadout.

I need to mention that we can not for instance, make a Navy SEALs loadout for operations in the sea because no one wants to play airsoft with scuba suits beneath the surface and running in the woods with a scuba suit would rather make you weird and ineffective.

Primary Navy SEALs guns

The most common guns that SEALs use and that I could find an appropriate airsoft replica for are HK 416 and M4A1 assault rifles.

Both rifles are used by Navy and you can choose which one is more appealing to you, I will begin with HK416.

HK 416

H&K 416 AEG Airsoft Rifle, Black 6mm


Echo 1 M14 Metal AEG in Wood Color 6mm

M14 is the battle tested Navy’s sniper choice since the Vietnam War. It is still a relevant gun and can be brought with this loadout if you like the classic design because there is a great airsoft replica for it.

However, there is also a modified version of M14 that also fits the loadout, so this is up to you what you find more eye appealing.

Airsoft does not always have the perfect replica options, but even in this case I could find a pretty good looking replica for the modified M14.

Modified M14

Source: Airsoft Station

The classic one from Vietnam War may fit in more loadouts than this, but the modified version is a bit more relevant for modern arsenal, the conclusion is that both work great as replicas.

MP5 is a Navy’s pick when it comes to submachine guns, I would personally only consider a submachine gun for CQB.

If you want to make the collection richer, than you might need some submachine replicas as well and in that case either MP5 or P90 makes most sense in my opinion.

Secondary Navy SEALs guns

Glock 19

A good handgun is essential in every loadout and in this case We will use a good old replica of Glock 19.

Umarex Elite Force Glock 19 Gen3 GBB Airsoft Pistol 6mm

If you are not keen of Glock, you can search for P226 replica, but I could not find one anywhere I looked.

Navy SEALs use both the P-266 and the Glock 19 in their arsenal, however the Glock 19 was added in 2015. and it is a part of a modern Navy Seals arsenal, so I preferred to add it to the list as the best choice.

The other big factor is how well are airsoft replicas done and in this case I found that Glock 19 replica performs best in terms of effectiveness and realism.

Glocks are overall, in my opinion one of, if not the best replicated handguns we can find in stores if we care about realistic appearance and details. Even the Glock holsters happen to be identical to the real ones, so you can fit in a real one just like with the replicated one.

Navy Seal used as inspiration for airsoft loadout
Navy SEALs carry lots of equipment and this is just the standard arsenal


If you observe the photos on the internet, you may see that uniforms vary from situation to situation, however this is the default Navy SEALs uniform for this loadout.

Source: Airsoft Station
Source: Airsoft Station

This uniform really goes into details if you compare it with the photos of Seals.

I could not find a better one, so I think that this one is the best pick.


This is the classic replica of a helmet that Navy SEALs would wear, just pay attention to additional props you can attach to it such as a camera or a light.

You can wear it without any attachments, but in case that you need some feel free to add to it.

A helmet is however, not mandatory and I have seen pictures of SEALs rather wearing a military inspired baseball hat to help against the sun.


Balaclavas are there to fulfil the look. I would personally prefer balaclava, but scarves are also quite usual, so pick whatever you prefer.

These are very handy in the winter times to add some heat to the neck and head area and survive the chilly days.


You won’t need any additional pads because the uniform above comes with added knee pads and that is basically what you need for this loadout.

If you want to add the elbow pads just add some that match the color, but they are not essential unless you really like dumping your elbows into the concrete.


Just take a pair of solid gloves, in winter you may need the full cover on your fingers while in the summer time they can make you sweat.

If you get hit often in the knuckles or fingertips, you may understand why additional cover helps.

These are very common for all military inspired loadouts and outfits.


A good pair of shoes that can sustain environmental conditions is a must. The thing with the boots and gloves is that you do not need to change them for different outfits once you get yourself a good and branded model.

So, if you already have good dark color boots, just stick with them, if you do not, you will need some anyways if you desire to play airsoft.

Purchasing specific boots for every loadout is not suggested, but that’s my opinion.

Plate carrier/chest rig

In this case I would recommend something like the following, it has that sturdy look and can fit lots of equipment.


Patches and medals are a must, but We do not want to disrespect the real Navy SEAL veterans and wear some of the stuff that they have earned on the battlefield, that we have not right to wear.

Therefore, I have found some great patches for the shoulder and chest spots that fit the loadout perfectly.

You will ideally want the grey american flag on the shoulder and the colorful american flag on the chest spot.

Fun facts about Navy SEALs

For the end, let’s take a look into some fun facts about Navy Seals.

  • If you pass by the Imperial beach in California, you may witness the recruits training in public. They are not that secret.
  • 80% of recruits do not make it to the final stage, this is due to hellish 132 hours of intense training routine that separates the best among them.
  • They have one of the highest kill ratios in the history of warfare. It is a well known fact that Navy Seals have killed 200 men per one lost soldier during Vietnam War.
  • Navy SEALs only make 1% of total Navy personnel, yet those 2450 Seals are known to be the precious and inevitable resource for mission all over the world. Sometimes one trained man that goes through hell is worth more than a 1000 ordinary men.
  • During the „hell week“ recruits sleep 4 hours a day at most and run 200 miles (320 km) which results with other physical activities in average of 20 hours of physical training every day.
  • The whole qualification training lasts 26 weeks and this includes whole set of training on land, air and sea.

Final take on

This is the modern Navy SEALs loadout that you can use on land and by this I mean that through the history of Navy SEALs they have changed lots of equipment, therefore If you would look backwards in the times of the Vietnam War, you would catch them using AKs.

With time everything progresses and this unit is not any different, they got rid of some stuff and implemented the newer, more effective and efficient stuff.

If you would like to go for a more outdated Navy SEALs loadout, you can make some research and change a few pieces of the gear, it won’t take you too long!


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