Most Quiet Airsoft Guns in 2023

a quiet airsoft gun with a silencer

A noisy airsoft gun can be a major hindrance when engaging in tactical battles or simply having fun in the backyard.

If you’re looking for stealth and precision, it’s smart to either invest in the quietest airsoft guns on the market or turn the existing airsoft gun into a silent machine.

Quiet airsoft guns offer a thrilling experience but also ensure you stay under the radar while dominating the field which can be useful for many stealth roles including snipers.

In this article, we’ll delve into the world of quiet airsoft guns, exploring their importance, factors to consider when purchasing one, and the top models available.

What affects the noise airsoft guns make?

Gas-powered guns offer realistic blowback action but may produce more noise due to additional moving parts that constantly collide with each other. What’s even worse, quality gas blowback airsoft guns have a body of metal that produces an even higher, crashing sound with each hit.

If you are looking to minimize the amount of noise gas guns make, it will be the smartest to get a gun without blowback action as otherwise there are only a few ways to make it produce less noise.

Electric guns (AEGs) provide consistent performance while they produce noticeably less noise compared to gas guns.

However, AEGs can also be annoyingly noisy in case the gears are not properly aligned, the stock motor makes noise, or due to some similar issues within the gearbox.

AEGs are still the most effective airsoft gun type which can become very silent with some upgrades!

And finally, spring-powered guns tend to be less noisy than AEGs but require manual cocking before each shot which only leaves you with sniper models, as rifles and pistols are simply toys.

In the following sections, we will explore some of the top silent airsoft guns available in the market!

AEGs (CM.033, M14… upgraded ones)

From my experience, most AEGs are pretty quiet, and those that are not, only require a few quick fixes like re-shimming and lubrication.

However, some AEGs are less noisy than others, straight out of the box.

For instance, CM.033 surprised me with how quiet it’s without any upgrades or fixes.

Then I saw how much noisier the AGM MP40 model is straight out of the box.

Moreover, M14 is a great option for a DMR role and is among the most silent airsoft guns out there. This is something I can confirm for a CYMA M14, but according to many players, a Tokyo Marui M14 does the job just as well. This doesn’t surprise me as most Tokyo Marui guns just work exceptionally well, and their guns are known for both, great performance and super-silent operating.

M14 is a powerful DMR that operates at around 420 FPS straight from the stock version and offers tremendous upgrade potential.

As I am already mentioning this lovely gun, let me tell you that M14 will surprise you with its quality stock version which is capable of accurate shots at long distances even without a single upgrade, allowing you to outrange even the upgraded high-tier AEGs.

In conclusion, there are many AEGs that are super quiet straight out of the box, while some need a fix or an upgrade to get to the same level.

In either case, AEGs are overall very quiet compared to gas guns.

Every spring sniper

Due to their simplicity, meaning the lack of electronics, a gearbox, and a motor or gas system, spring snipers are the most silent type of airsoft guns out there.

If you choose any spring airsoft sniper you’ll be super silent which naturally fulfills the role of a sniper, so just immerse yourself into a sniper role if you are looking for real stealth and don’t mind the slow rate of fire and taking targets from afar.

Next, you’ll need a good secondary, so the following pistol will be your best choice for a silent airsoft pistol.

TOKYO MARUI MK23 (most silent pistol)

The TOKYO MARUI MK23 is renowned for its exceptional stealth capabilities and precision. This gas-powered pistol is designed with a focus on quiet operation and accuracy making it a favorite sidearm in the loadout of many airsoft snipers. Let’s explore its features in detail:

The TOKYO MARUI MK23 is specifically engineered for quietness. It incorporates a non-blowback action, which effectively dampens noise and vibrations compared to other gas guns. Moreover, it’s made from polymer and has carefully designed internals which results in a minimum collision while operating, resulting in near-silent operation.

The MK23 offers a consistent FPS range of around 320-330, ensuring compliance with most field limits and a balance between power and stealth.

With its long inner barrel and adjustable reliable hop-up (TOKYO MARUI is known for its incredible hop-up units), the MK23 delivers impressive accuracy and range, making it an excellent choice for precision shooting.

Overall, TOKYO MARUI MK23 is among the best semi-automatic green gas pistols in the market, as it combines great accuracy, range, reliability, build quality, and minimum possible noise.

SSX303 Stealth Gas Rifle

SSX303 is advertised as the most stealthy gas rifle on the market, and the person responsible for this claim is the iconic airsoft player by the name of Novritsch.

Now, I never had the opportunity to test these claims, but you can take his word and the words of players who were satisfied by this versatile gas rifle for it.

SSX303 is made with sniper-like accuracy, with the possibility to adjust the FPS from 300 all the way to 450.

Thanks to its quality adjustable hop-up unit this gun has excellent accuracy at sniper range (250 feet), but can also be used as a CQB or outdoors rifle.

It’s super customizable and looks amazing, so I see why this Novritsch project got so much success!


While you can find awesome airsoft guns made for silent play, I’d generally advise you to improve your existing airsoft gun as it’s possible to reduce the noise it makes by far with a few upgrades. Moreover, this way you can use any airsoft gun of your liking, without opting for a model that is made for stealth play.

If you run a gas airsoft gun with a blowback system, you’ll likely have a disadvantage in terms of noise, so it would be ideal to get a special loadout for stealth games.

Noise is an important factor in some airsoft games, but sometimes all you need is lots of mayhem and noise to have a great airsoft experience.


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