MilSim, SpeedSoft, LARP & Airsoft (Know the Difference)

Airsoft is a creative hobby that offers a lot starting from awesome replicas to game types. MilSim, LARP, and Speedsoft are the most popular airsoft game types you can hear of, and in this article, I’ll explain what each term means.

As you’ll see it’s possible to create a special loadout for each of these game types and each game type will bring something different out of you and for you.

Any of these games require a strong community and local fields, so depending on where you live and play, some game types will be more popular than others. It’s also not unusual for people to drive 10 hours just to spend a weekend at their favorite MilSim event.

What is Milsim?

MilSim is a type of airsoft scenario in which players role-play as a military squad in which they enroll realistic elements typical for real-life military scenarios. MilSim differs a lot from typical airsoft games and they can be very slow and realistic.

Sometimes you may not see much action like in other shorter airsoft games because MilSim guys will go deep into the forest, set up a camp, cook, enjoy life, and play the guitar while they rotate between each other for overwatch.

Later in the day, they will continue to capture important points and try to outsmart the enemy team in accomplishing the main mission.

Okay, not all MilSim games are like these, but you can expect that. There are faster games in which players eliminate each other more often, but it’s always about strategy first and slowly capturing points.

For this reason, it’s important to have designated roles like DMR, sniper, rifleman, Heavy machine guy, medic, recon squad, and sometimes even drivers of military vehicles including helicopters and boats.

You’ll pack all essential survival gear including military food and drinks and prepare for a real adventure. Moreover, rules may be more strict to fit the realism, but at the end of the day hitting others before they hit you is the goal just like in every airsoft game.

These types of games are super fun when played with the right people and some people are born for this, so if you are one of them, you’ll know it before you finish reading this.

You’ll spend time with great people and enjoy life while you all together venture towards the main goal and eliminate enemies when the time is right.

It’s important to pay attention to details when playing MilSim games, so an authentic uniform, gear, and guns just like strategies are important parts of realism. For instance, if you are part of a Russian team, you’ll need authentic gear and clothing, so forget about your favorite M4 and get that Makarov or Ak47. You’ll also have to learn to speak Russian with a strong and authentic accent too (haha).

Here I found one interesting game based on Vietnam War, what a spectacle!

What is Speedsoft?

Speedsoft is a type of airsoft game in which players compete in close-quarter combat scenarios often placed inside buildings in a high pace action. Rounds usually don’t last over 5 minutes and the whole point is to be as fast at eliminating targets while moving forwards the goal, so you can expect to see CQB guns like pistols, SMGs, and shorter rifles modified to offer the highest rate of fire as possible.

Contra to MilSim, LARPing, and other airsoft games, in speedsoft players, wear minimal gear and don’t care about authentic loadouts but rather about pads for sliding and big masks typical for paintball for extra protection.

Simply put, speedsoft is airsoft on steroids and coffee and I mean a whole gallon of coffee per player. This is a great game style for those short with time, fans of John Wick, and adrenaline junkies.

To prepare for speedsoft, look for big protective goggles/face masks used for paintball, extra pads for sliding, modifications for a high rate of fire, hi-cap magazines, or ideally drum mags because normal magazines will last only a couple of seconds before you’ll have to reload.

What is airsoft LARP?

LARP stands for Live Action Role Playing and in airsoft, it means any creative scenario in which people take roles and then battle each other in a good old-fashioned airsoft way. This can be the Wild West event, Pirates from the future, Zombies vs Humans, Bandits vs Police, or anything you can think of.

I remember one game in which one larger group of players took the roles of medieval warriors and only used melee weapons while the smaller team used airsoft replicas. They battled in a fortress and the medieval guys had to surprise the smaller team by setting the ambushes or shooting at them with arrows.

The point of airsoft LARP is to be creative and to embody the role you are given. If you like acting you’ll be great at this as it’s not just about shooting, but also about making choices, and leading conversations similar to what you can find in D&D!

For some LARP games, you may need to prepare just like for your high-school drama play. Moreover, props or specific airsoft guns and gear may be required (think of revolvers, wild west rifles, or crazy futuristic guns if you play on a Star Trek space station against Klingons).

Just take a look at this LARP event which includes airsoft guns and medieval weapons, it must be fun and the fact that you can organize whatever your imagination (okay maybe the budget, and the fact that you must have friends) allows is truly a special thing.

LARP airsoft games are my favorite but unfortunately, I never have a chance to play one because there are no people in my region who are interested in LARPing with airsoft guns.


Dino is a thrill seeker who loves to share what he learns about his favorite hobbies.

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