Best Airsoft Pistol For Small Hands

Airsoft pistols come in different sizes, and there are airsoft pistols for players with small hands as they otherwise couldn’t grip the standard-size models.

As a matter of fact, pistols specially tailored for people with small hands exist since the beginning of gun manufacturing, so airsoft manufacturers only needed to recreate some of those guns into airsoft replicas.

I researched this topic and paid attention to what pistols women and children usually play with to come to a conclusion, so I can recommend a few options.

I choose the next replicas as pistols that will fit small hands:

  • WE Tech Bulldog (super-small)
  • Glock 19X (small)
  • Glock 17 (medium-small)

WE Tech Bulldog

Bulldog is a tiny pistol favored by female shooters and undercover officers as for such a compact size it holds lots of power and precision.

The Bulldog is 4.75 inches in height and 6.5 inches in width with a barrel length of only 2.75 inches. This airsoft replica will fit every pocket and it’s among the smallest possible airsoft pistols on the market, so no matter how small the hands, this little Bulldog will fit right in.

WE Tech Bulldog shoots at 330 FPS, holds 24 rounds in the magazine, has a small tactical rail, and is amazingly accurate for CQB battles under 50 feet, but can also reach bigger distances due to a solid hop up.

And finally, WE Tech Bulldog has an awesome blowback feature that increases the realism and creates recoil. These airsoft replicas are awesome for competitive play too as it’s easy to carry, aim and move from cover to cover due to their short length.

Glock 19X

Glock 19 is the smallest generation of popular Glocks as they are specially tailored for concealed carry and people will small hands. Thus, Glock 19 is a popular choice of special forces and is the official pistol of the FBI, CIA, Delta Force, Rangers, and more.

Glock 19 is an excellent choice for someone with small hands as this pistol is smaller than Glock 17 by half an inch in barrel length and grip, so I think that it will fit everyone’s hands.

Glock 19 is also a high-functioning airsoft pistol with amazing performance as you can accurately score hits under 80 feet as it has an outstanding adjustable hop-up system.

The enlarged magazine catch makes reloading and fitting in hands super comfortable too!

You’ll also find an excellent blowback feature, sturdy polymer build with metal sliding, and authentic Glock Trademarks, as it’s a true 1:1 replica of the real Glock 19.

Glock 17

Glock 17 is the medium size Glock, but it leans towards a compact, smaller size of the pistol. For this reason, Glock 17 may not fit everybody with smaller hands, but some people are stuck somewhere in between, with hands not big enough nor too small.

This airsoft Glock 17 is an authentic replica in dimensions and weight and will last for 20,000 before you’ll need to repair it. This great pistol is an amazing option for CQB as it’s super accurate under 40 feet (although its maximum effective distance is 100 feet due to an excellent hop-up).

What I love about this gun is its design, it has an enhanced grip texture which makes for a comfortable grip, and it has everything you’ll be looking for in a pistol for a CQB environment.

I am talking first about reliability and quality in design, but also about a rail for flashlights, and turbo-realistic blowback action which is a mandatory feature for players who care about realism and sheer fun.


Having small hands may seem like an advantage at times as most airsoft guns are tailored for bigger hands. However, this is the case with most real weapons as the average male hand size is taken into consideration for a standard size. Fortunately, there are awesome-looking and effective replicas for kids and women and it only takes a few more minutes on Google to find one as you found in the list in this article.

I suggest trying a replica in the real world prior to purchasing it from the internet just to make sure you like how the replica feels in your hands. However, if there are no local airsoft stores nearby, you can find internet reviews and most time, unless you are buying an unknown brand you’ll get the right replica on the first try. Every online airsoft store I visited also offered a free return for weeks after purchasing the replica, so if you find it doesn’t fit your expectation you can return it and get the other one from the website.


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