Best Airsoft L96 Sniper Rifles & Upgrades

airsoft l96 sniper upgraded replica

Airsoft L96 sniper rifle replicas are outstanding and among the most popular sniper rifles, you can find in outdoor fields.

L96 is an iconic sniper portrayed in games and movies, but when it was first time introduced in the 80’s it was among the most reliable snipers that could work under any weather condition making it ideal for troops.

The fact that the British army uses L96 as their sniper of choice speaks for its quality, and fortunately, airsoft replicas are really good.

I’ll give you my favorite L96 replica and one more budget-friendly alternative and then recommend a few useful upgrades you can consider for this formidable sniper rifle.

Bear in mind that almost every single spring airsoft sniper you can find in the stores needs upgrades if you want to get the most out of it.

The snipers I mentioned are good in a stock version for competitive and casual play combos and can easily be upgraded.

WELL MB08 L96 Sniper

L96 by WELL (Link to is beyond a classic beginner airsoft sniper, so you can expect it to work quite well out of the stock.

It won’t be perfect without upgrades just like any other sniper that isn’t costing $400+, but it’s upgrade friendly and can be slowly upgraded whenever you decide, part by part.

Now, this L96 replica is excellent and the 480 FPS tested with 0.20 gram BBs means you can use any 0.30 gram + BBs for extra accuracy as the gun has enough power.

It comes with an excellent 3-9x scope and adjustable folding bipod, so you’ll effectively take targets down within 200 feet.

Full metal barrel assembly and durable ABS polymer construction will make the sniper last for ages if you don’t forget to maintain it.

Folding stock, adjustable shoulder pad, and cheek weld make this modern L96 design shine with its ergonomics, and the somewhat unusual rear monopod works perfectly on this model.

WELL MB08 L96 looks amazing, and professional, and its performance isn’t any worse, so I had to put this sniper on the list as the best choice for airsoft L96 that can be later mastered to perfection with upgrades!

L96 BBtac Sniper

BBTac manufactures decent beginner airsoft guns, so you can’t expect an absolute machine that will work perfectly out of stock. However, if you plan to upgrade such a decent beginner sniper, it can become seriously good.

This L96 BBtac option isn’t something I’d recommend to someone who wants to immediately compete with the best high-end guns in the field but is nevertheless a great choice for anyone who likes to play airsoft in a casual way.

After all, everything comes with a price.

What’s good about this sniper is that it has an upper barrel, bolt assembly, scope, and bipod made from metal while the stock and body are a strong ABS plastic, making it quite light-weight at 10 pounds (trust me the weight matters when you spend hours in the field and this is very light).

The quality of the build guarantees that the sniper won’t break so easily, and it has the potential for upgrades.

A solid hop-up system and 400 FPS out of stock is simply excellent and if you use no lighter than 0.25 gram (ideally 0.30 gram) BBs with it, you’ll be having good results with the grouping of shots at 150 feet while it’s possible to get this gun better accuracy and range with upgrades.

The included full metal scope has a decent magnification with a 3-9x zoom, so it’s a surprisingly good deal. One more thing I like about these offers is that you can always use such a decent scope on other guns if you wish.

Airsoft L96 Sniper Upgrades

Spring Upgrade kit

The Well MB1002 Sniper Upgrade Kit (Link to is compatible with L96 airsoft replicas, and increases its distance and velocity, making any stock L96 way better.

In this L96 upgrade kit, you’ll find a metal spring guide, piston, and a strong spring that will increase the velocity to around 520 FPS.

Upgrade kits such as these are the first upgrade to do on snipers as they’ll transform a stock sniper into a force to be reckoned with.

The higher FPS and seal will allow for better accuracy and range, so don’t hesitate to use 0.40 or 0.45-gram BBs.

Using heavier BBs in snipers is always smart!

Inner barrel + hop up

Inner barrel and hop-up are the most important factors for effective range, so making such an upgrade from the stock version can mean a huge difference.

Aim for 6.02mm or 6.03mm tight-bore barrels from a reputable brand as the quality of inner barrels means everything when it comes to accuracy.

Such tight-bore inner barrels are easy to maintain, reliable, and effective, so you’ll only need a hop-up to match it, and voila.

R-Hop is ideal for guns that can support it, meaning higher FPS is required for maximum potential.

It’s possible to increase the range to over 200ft with a good R-Hop and inner barrel without any other upgrade if the stock version is at least moderately good.

You don’t need a super-long inner barrel as simply the longer barrel won’t affect range positively but might instead create reduced performance due to the larger air volume required to push the BB.

Aim between 407-509mm as it’s a pretty standard length optimal for most snipers unless you are rocking HPA in which case you can get a longer one.

By the way, don’t forget that an AEG-type inner barrel needs an AEG hop-up, as there’s a difference in design between AEG and sniper/pistol barrels, but regardless there are no limitations to what parts will fit in the gun when you match them.

Hop-up chamber and Hop-up lever

These upgrades aren’t important for everyone, as they are more situational or may play a small yet noticeable role.

You’ll know the best what your L96 already has, so I found a few cheap L96 parts on Airsoft Station I’ll just put here for those who might need them.

L96 Hop-up chamber (link to for AEG inner barrels might be something you’d need.

Hop-up lever (link to is a small but meaningful upgrade as it increases your bucking’s durability, and hop-up effect and stabilizes the barrel.

It’s a nice and easy-to-implement upgrade that can increase the accuracy even when applied to a stock hop-up.

Trigger assembly

This L96 trigger assembly (link to is likely better than your stock L96 sniper’s trigger assembly, so it’s an upgrade to be considered.

However, this is more of a replacement upgrade after your stock trigger assembly starts to malfunction as this upgrade won’t make a big difference in the performance.

If you wish to and don’t care about the budget, then even such upgrades can be done early as it’s possible to feel the difference between a cheap plastic trigger and a quality upgraded one under the finger.

Not to mention that any quality upgrade will make the gun last longer, so fewer things to worry about when you travel with the gun to the field.

Adapter for bipod

This tri-rail bipod adapter is made for L96 snipers (link to, and it’s made of metal so in case you miss it or have a stock plastic version, this is a cheap and useful upgrade that will make the sniper more durable long terms.

This upgrade obviously doesn’t affect the effectiveness of your L96 unless your bipod isn’t stable by default, so I put it at the end.


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