Best Airsoft Grenades, Decoys, and Claymores

Some airsoft BB grenades replicas look just like the real thing

Airsoft has amazing BB replicas of grenades and a variety of decoys such as sound grenades, smoke bombs, and tactical claymores.

When used correctly, these airsoft grenade replicas will make you a better player, especially for teamwork purposes. It’s not difficult to learn how to operate them, but you’ll need some creativity to use them in the optimal fashion.

Grenades, claymores and decoys are among my tips on how to improve your airsoft skills and become an unstoppable machine as they give you the surprise factor other’s rarely expect.

I have chosen my picks for BB grenades, decoys, smoke bombs, and claymores based on effectiveness, features, and price.

Best Airsoft BB Grenades

Airsoft BB grenades are a cheap upgrade to your airsoft arsenal which will instantly boost your performance and score you lots of hits. They are ideal because they are cheap and reusable but are great weapons that can surprise opponents, especially in a CQB environment.

1. Sports Pro Green tactical airsoft grenade

Good-looking and dangerous, the perfect combo. This airsoft grenade is ideal for CQB when it comes to clearing rooms, but is a decent choice for outdoor play too. It loads 110 BBs and when you throw it between the enemies it will splash everything in a radius of 20 feet. It’s solid quality and works phenomenally and it’s also cheap which doesn’t make it a big loss if you accidentally lose it somewhere on the field.

Bear in mind that you shouldn’t throw it with full force onto the concrete as it’s not made from metal, but otherwise, it won’t break from regular force.

2. Orange tactical airsoft grenade

You may have seen this grenade somewhere already as it’s among the most popular grenades used for airsoft and nerf wars. Technically, it’s very simple just like the previous green grenade but why I like this particular orange model is its visibility that comes from the orange color. While it’s not an issue to find a grenade in the CQB, outdoors you can easily lose the track of it, especially in low visibility conditions, so obviously, the orange color helps a lot.

This grenade will be an excellent choice for taking down multiple enemies in short proximity but also be aware that throwing it with full force into concrete may break it. After all, it’s cheap, so it’s not a big loss if you break it.

3. Stick Hand Airsoft Grenade

The famous German WW II hand grenade has been replicated for airsoft purposes and it’s one of the most iconic and coolest designs.

Stick-hand airsoft grenades work like any other airsoft BB grenade but they activate by the impact made on the top of the grenade’s head. This means you don’t need to pull the safety pin off before throwing as the grenade will automatically activate on any impact. The only downside of these grenades is the sensitive head which may activate on impact if you are not careful and bump into a wall or something.

Don’t throw it too hard onto the concrete because if it’s not made from metal it won’t survive being slammed on the floor with full force, be gentle and it will take anyone out in a radius of 20 feet.

Smoke grenades

Smoke grenades are ideal for outdoor airsoft games as they can be a crucial piece of the puzzle in a victory. Smoke grenades are used to create a cloud of smoke that can cover the entire team and make them invisible until they advance to the point.

Throw one of these bad boys and take control over the battlefield, the enemies won’t know what to do when they lose their positions and start seeing hurling BBs from unknown directions.

Alternatively, smoke grenades can also be used for signaling teammates, and is a popular choice for MilSim players.

My pick is a green smoke grenade Enola Gaye TP40 as it produces a strong, dense cloud of awesome green smoke that lasts for 60 seconds. There’s a variety of colors you can choose but what matters the most in my opinion is that the smoke cloud is dense and that it persists for at least a minute.

Source: Airsoft Station

The loudest airsoft decoy grenades

Airsoft decoy grenades are an excellent tactical tool for distracting enemies while advancing toward the point of interest. These decoy grenades are pretty loud and cause a human to react as playing in a relatively silent environment and then encountering a noise equal to a gunshot certainly won’t be left unnoticed.

There are two models you should look for, Thunder B and Bang 22. Both decoy grenades are reusable, powered by Co2 cartridges, and made of metal, so throwing them at the concrete won’t damage them so easily.

Thunder B

Thunder B produces around 130 dBA which is equal to a pneumatic drill or a gunshot making this the loudest airsoft decoy grenade on the market. Some people may find this decoy grenade a bit too loud and I am not sure whether all fields will allow them but surely airsoft players use them as a great tactical advantage tool.

Bang 22

Bang 22 has two models, one which is significantly quieter than Thunder B and the Extreme Bang 22 model which is almost 60% louder than the standard model and can reach the noise levels of Thunder B grenades. Saying exactly whether the Extreme model is louder than Thunder B is difficult as it also depends on other factors, but they are pretty similar in noise levels.

Airsoft Claymores

Airsoft Claymores vary from trip wire, remote control, and motion detector types. Tripwire and remote control are the most affordable options as motion detector claymores can be costly due to fancy technology and the trip wire or remote control claymores are already a great choice for what they offer.

Claymores are reusable and work in a classic set-a-trap method which is ideal for airsoft matches as most players won’t pay attention to their existence unless it’s too late.

How to use claymores tactically

Airsoft claymores are perfect for defense-based games when you need to protect the point from incoming enemies, but they are also a great choice if you understand the map and the routes where the enemy team needs to pass. Thus, if you want to upgrade your airsoft game, using claymores is an excellent choice as they are an ideal choice for players who want to study the map and always be a step ahead of the competition.

Set the claymore in the corner of the buildings and wait for the enemies to activate it by pulling the wire as they step through the doors or place it behind a tree or a wall and mask it with some leaves and dirt. I chose my favorite pick for a claymore and as you’ll see it’s affordable and does the job.

This claymore has tripwire and remote control features which means you can adapt the use of the claymore to your preference. You can set a wire in an old-fashioned way and when the enemy activates it the BBs will splash them or you can use a remote controller to send a signal at the right time and the claymore will activate.

Personally, I prefer the latter because you can place the claymore at any place and activate it so it will act almost as a secondary gun you control from a distance. Placing claymores on windows, trees, or on top of the objects means an even better surprise factor as usually they are placed on the floor, so even fewer people will notice it. The only disadvantage is that you’ll have to manually activate it so it will require some multitasking, so a combination of remote and wire triggering during a match may be necessary.

This particular claymore I found on Amazon is designed to fit everything from nerf ammo to airsoft BBs and gummy bears, and although it’s kid-friendly it’s a great choice for airsofters too for the value it comes with as it will launch whatever you put in for up to 20 feet and eliminate the target. It doesn’t produce great force and it shouldn’t because any BB that reaches the target counts as a kill in airsoft and it doesn’t need to impale them.

The only disadvantage in the build is that when you set up airsoft BBs you should first place them in a piece of paper or some cloth so they are grouped when the claymore is launched so you don’t lose the grouping of shots. If you want you can also use glitter or whatever else the field you are playing at allows!

Are airsoft grenades allowed?

Airsoft BB grenades are allowed and can be a great tactical advantage, however many fields forbid the use of smoke grenades which can cause a fire. After all, certain grenades with the purpose of creating a decoy or creating a smoke cloud can be dangerous when not handled with care. Generally, any grenade that is composed of chemicals might be an issue which is the reason why almost every field won’t allow homemade airsoft grenades.

Are BB grenades reusable?

Almost every BB grenade is reusable as they are constructed in such a way that the lever launches BBs in a radius around the grenade, so no explosion is necessary which could destroy the grenade into the pieces.


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