Best Airsoft Goggles Under $50

Affordable airsoft goggles

Looking for excellent airsoft goggles and are on a budget of $50? Then you should know that most of the excellent airsoft goggles can be found for that budget. I am going to mention only the best rated airsoft goggles and you should know that you are not missing anything because you are on such budget. Most of the airsoft goggles that players wear fit this budget and there are only a few over $50 goggles that I would recommend anyways.

The only difference is that most of the more expensive goggles that exceed $100 are actually worn by special ops and military, therefore the price goes up with the name of a brand but the protection does not get any better than what you already expect the goggles to do, stop a plastic BB.

I must inform you about one thing only and that is to stay away from any mesh goggles and unheard cheap plastic goggles that can be found for under $10, they are not safe.

The following goggles are considered to be the best for the price:

  • Valken Airsoft Zulu Thermal Lens Goggles
  • Valken Airsoft Tango Goggles
  • Lancer Tactical AERO Safety Goggles

Valken Airsoft Zulu Thermal Lens Goggles

You can check out the price on Amazon here.

These Goggles are known for offering great value for the price and most players report that they do not experience many fogging issues and that they last them for a very long time (talking about years of service without drops in performance).

They have thermal lens (the lens are at front and at inside). There are also multiple color options to choose from.

The strap wraps around the head comfortably and they are considered to be full sealed but also do have the ventilation system that contributes to the airflow.

The downside would be not so appealing look but that is a subjective manner and the plastics and details do not feel like you just bought them in a special ops shop.

Protection they offer

When it comes to the protection aspect there is no question whether these work or not. They are proven to stop all BBs coming from very powerful airsoft guns (500 FPS+).

One thing I would still do on your place is to test them once they would be shipped on my address, this is something that you should do no matters what the model is to assure that there are no manufacturing errors.

Do they fog?

Whenever someone claims that their product do not fog at all, they are either lying or 90% right. The reason behind is that almost every single airsoft goggle can start to fog, it only depends on the environment and how long are they going to last before it happens.

I have created a guide on how to prevent goggles from fogging, so once you get your goggles they stay clear for a long time!

The thermal duel pane lens are known for being recommended against fogging and are a good pick for the cold weather as well.

Therefore, these goggles do not fog often and players report that their do not fog for like 4-5 hours but after that there are the cases when the fogging would occur.

This should not bother you much because fogging is a normal thing and unless it happens from the very beginning and a lot, it is alright.

Valken Airsoft Tango Goggles

You can check out the price on Amazon here.

If you wear glasses do not look further and get these good boys, they are specially designed for people who wear prescription glasses and have the inner frame that fits the glasses nicely.

If you do not wear glasses you can still count on this goggles because the inner frame is attachable so if you do not need it just do not attach it.

These goggles work like a charm and are pretty much respected just like the previous goggles mentioned and many people chose them for the value they come with for affordable price.

They can last for years and are properly sealed with the little ventilation room that contributes to the airflow.

They also come in different colors and have the thermal lens.

Protection they offer

The protection is not questionable, they work great. Passing the protection test is their first requirement and otherwise they would not be on the list.

Tip: Always test your goggles no matter how good or expensive they are before putting them on head and marching into the battle. This is always a good practice to completely eliminate the bad odds of any manufacturing error that may have previously occurred.

Do they fog?

All goggles no matter how expensive are will fog under certain conditions, so yes the fogging can occur but will they fog intensively, immediately and very often? Not really, people report that although they do something fog is happens only after hours of wearing them or in specific environmental conditions.

Lancer Tactical AERO Safety Goggles

You can check out the price on Amazon here.

These airsoft safety goggles have a nice looking design, probably look better than the previous mentioned goggles but this is subjective.

They work great and fit the budget, passed all possible tests and are a good pick.

They have the thermal lens and can also be found in different colors.

They are known for fitting all types of heads comfortably so you probably will not experience any irritation no matters how your head is shaped.

They are fully sealed with the vent system that contributes to the airflow.

In short, they may also last you for years, at least that is what most of players who keep them for that long report.

Protection they offer

They have passed all protection tests and this is not a concern just as it is not with any other mentioned goggles. They will simply stop 500+ FPS airsoft guns even at closer distances. This is not something that is supposed to surprise anyone, that is their first purpose.

Tip: As you should already know, always test your goggles once they arrive on your address or you take them home from the shop.

Shoot at them with one of your airsoft guns and witness the protection with your own eyes, you do not want any manufacturing errors to affect your safety, it is rare that such errors happen and get to the shop, but safety first!

Do they fog?

As we know all goggles fog and it is just matter of how long you keep them on head or what are the environmental conditions around, however people report extremely positive results with these goggles when it comes to fogging.

Some people say that they do not fog at all but they have not used them for long enough to see them fog and there are people who reported that the goggles started to fog after some time but after making a few adjustments they fixed the fogging completely.

So what are those adjustments?

Do not wear them in a complete touch with your face but instead put them in such way that the sides are placed on the lower mesh mask ( if you wear one), this will additionally promote the airflow.

If you still experience fogging you may also remove the foam from around the frames which will do the same thing, but only do this if you experience annoying fogging that can not be dealt with any other way.

This can be tried with other goggles as well.

Can you wear mentioned goggles if you wear glasses?

Some of the mentioned goggles can fit your glasses, but it depends on the frame, so I can’t surely say. However, I have recently written another guide on best eye protection for people who wear prescription glasses with a few tips that will make your airsoft experience more enjoyable, so feel free to check it out to find your answer.

The conclusion on airsoft goggles and safety

All mentioned goggles are good and do their primary job that is protecting your sight.

If you would choose the more expensive goggles you would get the better material quality and design, this is something that some people like, however the material quality does not affect the most important part of the goggles and that is the lens. The lens must not fail under any circumstances and the mentioned ones pass all the tests.

The design on some expensive goggles may look greater but there is also a bit profound technology that can be found on some, like the improved ventilation system that is powered by the electricity from batteries placed in the frame.

This additionally prevents the fogging that may occur under some specific environmental conditions when the temperature is high and the condensation of the water is present, the fans dry the condensed water artificially.

There are also such ventilation fan devices that can be bought separately and then be attached to your favorite goggles if you desire.


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