5 Best Airsoft Glocks in 2023 (Reviewed)

Glocks are probably the most famous pistol in the world and airsoft Glock replicas truly amaze by their appearance, functionality, and realism as airsoft manufacturers have successfully replicated Glock 17, 18, and 19 to perfection.

Many airsoft Glocks are made as exact replicas of real things and even have official Glock licensing with authentic markings. In this article, I will feature a few Glocks I think will fit everyone’s needs from budget to super realistic and competitive Glock replicas.

Best Airsoft Glock 17 Green Gas Blowback

This Elite Force GBB green gas Glock 17 is the masterpiece as it shows exactly how good airsoft replicas can get at imitating the real thing. The Glock is identical in dimensions and weight so it’s almost impossible to notice the difference even for real Glock lovers who spend more than 1000 hours at a shooting range.

If you care about authenticity and realism you’ll love this Glock 17 and it will fit every Glock holster you can find. Let’s see what makes this 17 Glock generation so cool as there are indeed some awesome features.

First, this airsoft Glock has turbo-realistic blowback action and is powered on green gas which is a great alternative to Co2 as it’s easy to maintain it, refill it and green gas can also save a few bucks compared to other gases.

In terms of performance, this Glock 17 will amaze you with its accuracy as you’ll be accurately taking targets under 40 feet just as you would with the real Glock. However, due to the outstanding adjustable hop-up system, you won’t have trouble scoring the hits at targets up to 100 feet with some practice.

In my opinion, this is an ideal CQB airsoft pistol as it’s super accurate and operates at 290 FPS with 0.20 airsoft BBs.

You are likely to shoot around 20,000 shots before you get to replace some inner parts as these guns are super-durable and almost indestructible. The drop-free metal magazine which holds 22 rounds adds realistic weight to the gun and is also durable, so if you drop it on the concrete during passionate shooting it should not take it to the heart.

Just like on a real Glock, the enhanced grip texture makes for a comfortable grip and easy reloading, so you don’t have to worry about sweaty palms and painful wrists and the end of the day. Just below the fixed Glock U-shaped rear sight, you’ll find a rail ideal for flashlights, lasers, and other cool devices you may have in the mind.

Are there downsides to this beast? Well, the only one I found is the downside of using green gas in a cold environment, so Co2 is a better option on cold winter days. However, there are green gas substitutes like black or red gas which are technically the same as green gas but are made to endure low temperatures. This gun can take those gases without an issue as the magazine is universally made for all types of green gasses.

You can use this Glock 17 for airsoft competitive play, recreation, or even for target shooting as the satisfaction you get when everything works smoothly and each tap is registered without delay makes this among the best replicas in airsoft.

Best Airsoft Glock 18 Green Gas Blowback

Source: Airsoft Station

Glock 18 is very similar to its predecessor, the Glock 17 but one noticeable difference is in the lever switch at the side which controls modes, so you can switch from semi-automatic to full-automatic. There’s something magical about full-automatic airsoft pistols as most often it’s a powerful advantage when you have to take down the incoming targets quickly after switching from the primary.

I found a great Glock 18 on Airsoft Station which is not only a realistic 1:1 replica with authorized Glock licensing but also has an extended metal magazine which is ideal for a rapid-fire pistol such as Glock.

Just like on a real Glock 18, you’ll find a fixed rear sight and a rail ideal for attaching special devices to make it even cooler if you decide so. The metal slide and blowback action are super-durable, so not only that you’ll have a realistic-looking thing, but it will last for at least 18,000 shots before any repair.

The best thing about this airsoft Glock 18 is that you can count on its outstanding performance as it can take targets with fully-automatic fire accurately under 80 feet due to its high-quality hop system. Personally, I adore fully-automatic pistols and there are no other fully-automatic Glocks such as this one.

Best Airsoft Glock 19

Finally, the Glock 19 is the choice of Delta Force, CIA, FBI, and more special forces for its compatible design ideal for concealed carry. Thus, Glock 19 is a smaller, compact version of the Glock 17 as it has both the grip and the barrel shorter by about half an inch.

I found two excellent choices for Glock 19 on Airsoft Station, one ideal for those on a budget and one turbo-realistic for the difference in price. First, both Glock 19’s on the list are durable, have enlarged magazine catch, are fully licensed with authentic Glock Trademarks, and are authentic in size and design (meaning you’ll find exact match iron sights and front accessory rail). Also, both guns are powered by Co2 which makes them ideal for any type of weather.

However, the budget version is a non-blowback and has an aluminum slide which decreases realism to some extent, while the other one has a metal slide and realistic blowback action.

In my opinion, if you want a truly realistic Glock 19, you want the non-budget version, but in terms of performance and quality both versions are excellent and you’ll be taking down targets under 80 feet with ease.

Budget Glock 19 non-blowback

Source: Airsoft Station

Best Glock Replica for Training

If you plan to use an airsoft Glock replica purely for shooting dummies and targets I wouldn’t recommend an airsoft Glock at all but rather an airgun replica. The difference between airsoft and airgun Glock replicas is in the ammunition and power as airguns use metal bbs and have greater power compared to airsoft replicas.

For this reason, airguns are more realistic when it comes to training purposes as they’ll be more accurate on longer distances. Airsoft guns, on the other hand, rely on the hop-up unit and plastic BBs that can be a bit unstable on a windy day, so the pattern in which the BB will fly will always differ from a real bullet. Airsoft guns are only similar to how a real bullet would behave in close proximities, so the featured airsoft Glocks would be a great option for practicing at ranges below 30 feet, but higher than that and you’ll notice imperfections that don’t identically translate to real guns.

On another hand, if you plan to also play airsoft or train by shooting at other people, you’ll need an airsoft replica as the airgun would be too dangerous.

If you are still looking for an airsoft Glock replica, simply pick one of the above-mentioned replicas. However, if you like the idea of an airgun Glock replica, take a look at my recommended pick below.

This particular airgun Glock is unsafe for airsoft play as it shoots .177 caliber steel BBs at 320 FPS but will be ideal for target practicing and realism. It has a realistic blowback action, it’s powered by Co2, and it’s full metal with realistic controls and officially licensed Glock markings which will fit any real Glock holster.

Blowback or non-blowback Glock?

Frankly, if you are going for an airsoft Glock then blowback is probably the best choice. I am saying this because airsoft Glock replicas are phenomenal and so detailed that it’s to confuse them for a real thing. As you know non-blowback version of a Glock loses what airsoft Glocks are best known for, which is realism. All mentioned models on the list have amazing blowback action at cost of a bit more gas, but they are so so satisfying compared to a non-blowback version.


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