Best Airsoft Fields in NYC

NYC is a popular destination and it shouldn’t surprise you when it’s such a major place where the best commercial and cultural hotspots merge together.

Besides all the awesome things we can find in NYC, entertainment is a serious tourist attraction, and airsoft fields and clubs are the reason why some airsoft players pay NYC a visit.

Truth be told, there aren’t many official airsoft fields in NYC and we could even come to the conclusion that paintball is more popular but nevertheless I found a few awesome airsoft fields in NYC that I want to share with you.

1. Strike Force Sports

Long Island, 1 hour from NYC, Indoors airsoft field

Strike Force Sports airsoft facility is open from Wednesday to Sunday and located at Long Island just 1 hour from NYC. This airsoft facility is built entirely on an indoor play which is suited for high-pace CQB games you’ll love. Although outdoor games have their charm, indoor games can be played whenever you want despite the weather and the lack of wind is a true blessing when it comes to a grouping of shots.

Strike Force Sports accepts outdoor gear so you can bring your favorite loadout as long as you fit the chrono requirements of 365 FPS with 0.20g BBs or lower with heavier BBs. They care about safety first, so the procedure is top notch and they control all equipment brought to the field. Moreover, you can rent AEGs at the place and safety protection like goggles, masks, and helmets along with the ammunition.

After all, Strike Force Sports pro shop offers a big collection of over 300 rifles and pistols from popular brands such as Elite Force, KWA, G&G, Krytac, VFC, and many more. You’ll find the latest AEGs, gas, and spring airsoft guns alongside the rest of the quality gear and if you need assistance with a desired upgrade or repair their tech is very skilled.

Strike Force Sports also caters to private Gelly Ball parties at your home or whatever private place you own. They’ll take care of everything including referees, equipment, and unlimited ammo as long as you host the party somewhere in the Long Island area. Gelly Balls are a nice substitute for airsoft which is also ideal for kids, so I thought this would be a nice thing to mention!

2. Ricochet Tactical

Long Island, 1 hour from NYC, Indoors airsoft field

Located in Levittown, NY just 1 hour from NYC, Richocet Tactical is an airsoft facility with an indoor CQB airsoft field that can fit 60 players at once. The indoor field called The Brickhouse is made from various tall wooden walls which create many angles and alternative paths to surprise the enemies and take over the objectives. Ricochet Tactical runs multiple game seasons in their CQB field, so I am sure you’ll find something of your liking.

Most game sessions you’ll find on this field are suited for speedy gameplay, so you can expect to play a lot of short, quick games. Safety marshals will ensure the games are played correctly and you’ll have to pass the FPS limit of 350 FPS with 0.20g BBs. Ricochet Tactical is open for airsoft games on Monday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Ricochet Tactical is also known for a tactical Pro Shop with a large selection of airsoft replicas and accessories, so whether you are looking to buy a new gun to fit your next loadout or an upgrade, this is the right place. And finally, I’ve found some nice offers on their website such as holiday offers or special VIP packages that are a great choice for those who plan to return to the field as they can get nice discounts for loyalty.

3. Capital Combat Zone

Troy, 3 hours from NYC, Outdoors airsoft field

Capital Combat Zone is our first outdoor facility on the field which is open from Monday to Sunday. The entire 15 acres of the outdoor, scenario field are built on a sprawling city theme and you can expect to find many exciting game courses such as attack and defend, capture the flag, elimination, and other game sessions you may have in mind.

The various game sessions you’ll find on the Capital Combat Zone airsoft field often do not last over 15 minutes and constantly rotate, so you never get bored of one game session in one corner of the field when there are so many options on 15 acres. Not all fields have this luxury as it takes so much place and various field designs to be able to offer what this airsoft facility offers.

Capital Combat Zone runs special parties such as birthday and bachelor parties or corporate outings which are a perfect choice for larger groups who are keen on airsoft due to meaningful discounts and private game sessions. From what I have heard it’s not unusual to find special events from time to time in which you may encounter some unique-to-field game sessions throughout the year too.

Final say

There goes my list of best airsoft fields in NYC, it may not be comprehensive but I tried to pull a few fields that won’t disappoint you because frankly, airsoft is not the most popular hobby in NYC due to unfriendly laws.

You have to be careful about how you brandish airsoft guns while in NYC, don’t remove the color markings, respect what the law states about the markings, and don’t play anywhere near an urban area. NYC has one of the most merciless views on airsoft guns and that’s quite unfortunate but we got to deal with it.


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