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Owning a big but dense bag or a case is mandatory for all airsoft players. Airsoft makes you often travel from field to home and vice versa, passing with airsoft equipment in public zones is inevitable. It would not be a smart idea to display airsoft replica guns anywhere in public because it may lead to unwanted consequences and wearing military clothes at a bus station may seem quite weird to most people, especially passengers. If you want to stay out of trouble and completely incognito then a well-fitting bag or case is exactly what you need.

The same goes for everyone else who wants to have everything in one place no matters whether they travel by car, bus or on foot.

I look at this as an investment, it is better to pay for something that will fit all your needs than to carry stuff in ten different bags and change them every few weeks, it is about practicality and quality first.

I have made a research on best-reviewed bags and cases and checked them to see whether they offer everything that an airsoft player may need, and they have passed the tests.

If you have lots of gear then you should plan how much room you actually need, sometimes a single case or a gun bag is enough for guns but you may still need a bigger bag for your vest, boots, rig, water bottles, and so on.

The best bags and cases for airsoft that I have found are the following:

  • Saviour Equipment American Classic
  • Saviour Equipment Urban Warfare
  • Homeland Security UTG
  • VISM by NcStar
  • UTH Alpha Battle Carrier
  • Flambeau Tactical gun case

Saviour Equipment American Classic

The best pick for functionality, quality, and price

You can check the details and the price on Amazon here.

This is the best gun bag so far, I have not ever heard more people praising the bag as it is the case with this one, and the written reviews back it up. I must say that I see why this bag is so popular, it comes with all functionality that someone may need for airsoft and hunting, great quality material that lasts for ages and it is all supported at an affordable price.

You can choose between different lengths depending on the length of your guns and you can fit magazines and other devices as well. You can fit two guns and two pistols comfortably, which means that if you need room for your secondary gun in case your primary one jams, you do not have to worry.

This bag does not scream that you are carrying guns in there but also has that tactical touch. It is ergonomic and you can wear it on your back or carry it in hand. This is all you need for airsoft and is a smart investment for the future if you plan to play airsoft for a long time.

Saviour Equipment  Urban warfare

The best pick for functionality, quality, and price with a touch of a military vibe

You can check the details and the price on Amazon here.

This bag is pretty similar to the previous one because it comes from the same manufacturer and the quality does not differ. The difference is mostly seen in design, so If you are looking for something that has a military vibe then you should consider this one instead. It attracts more attention due to its design but in terms of functionality, it offers everything that the American Classic offers, so you can fit both the primary and secondary gun as well with pistols, mags, BBs, scopes, and so on.

I like Saviour Equipment brand because they really seem to offer quality, functionality, and affordable price with a lifetime warranty. Whenever I hear that people are happy with products and do not see or hear bad stories about them, It takes my attention and these bags deserve to be on the list.

Homeland Security UTG

Best price and optimal pick for short rifles

You can check the details and the price on Amazon here.

This is one of those affordable bags that will do the job and save you money. They are really good and although they do not look tactical, expensive, or highly attractive like some other cases and bags on the list, this one offers functionality above everything. Some people look for the simplicity that comes with such bags and another big bonus is that people will have a hard time guessing whether you carry a gun or a musical instrument in there.

This is a great pick for airsoft people because the gear easily gets expensive and we should think about minimizing the additional expenses, if we can achieve that with bags and cases then we should consider doing it.

The bag has enough room to fit your AEG, pistols, magazines, and more small devices and things, however, you should check the length of your gun because although you could fit five pistols in there some longer rifles may not exactly fit. For shorter guns this is an optimal pick.

You can wear this bag on your back or carry it in hand, it is ergonomic.

You should check out additional features, read the reviews of other people and measure your gear to see whether the bag offers you what you are looking for.

VISM by NcStar

A great pick for design and price

You can check the details and the price on Amazon here.

Here we have another simple and affordable gun bag that primarily differs from other bags on the list in design. It is built with three padded panels that are rolled when you open the bag. It offers enough room for most long guns so you do not have to detach parts like suppressors and sights just because you might worry that then the gun may not fit. The bag is primarily focused to fit one long rifle and a pistol with some accessories.

There is enough room to fit magazines and other smaller devices but the bag pouches are quite small and if you have lots of equipment I would probably avoid this. If you need something simple and do not plan to carry lots of stuff then you should consider this one.

People report positive experiences with this bag and report that it lasts long without showing signs of being damaged or broken.

UTG Alpha Battle Carrier

Best pick for public carry and simplicity in design

You can check the details and the price on Amazon here.

This is simplicity at its best, it does not even look like anything that a person would carry their gun in. Its design allows you to go full incognito at any public property without attracting attention, people will rather conclude that you carry socks in it.

It does not have many small pouches and small inner pockets but rather a few where you can put all the necessities that you need. It just has room for everything but lacks the length of some other bags on the list and therefore you will have to checkout twice whether your gun is too long for this bag. However, it is ideal for anything shorter than 34 inches.

You can carry it anyways you want, but it is very comfortable for back wearing.

People report having a good and easy time with this bag, it seems to last long and this is the easiest bag for maintenance on the list.

Flambeau Outdoors Tactical Gun Case

Best pick for protection and a tactical look

You can check the details and the price on Amazon here.

This is the first tactical gun case on the list and I must tell you that you probably do not need one unless you find it cool. I decided to include one of these cases on the list because some people like the vibe that this bad boy comes with.

The reason behind this is that I find it more useful to have additional pouches and space to fit clothes, bottles, and similar stuff, such cases limit you there and although you can still fit plenty of stuff in there, its primary goal is to fit a few guns and magazines and protect them against outer conditions, so you may need an additional bag for other stuff.

It is quite common for hunters to carry their rifles in these cases and if you have any high-end rifle you want to protect so much, then this is the way to do it. These gun cases are primarily there for protection against weather conditions and against possible accidents that may happen during transportation, therefore some sensitive gun parts like scopes will have an easier time if you accidentally drop the case.

A few tips about bags and cases in Airsoft

I will share a few useful tips with you, so you can avoid complications.

Public transportation

In case you want to pass a border, you should inform authorities that you have airsoft replicas in one of your bags, however, in case you travel in public, perhaps on a train or bus, you should not mention anything about replicas in your bags. This is one of the mistakes that beginners sometimes do, but bear in mind that bus drivers are not trained to deal with such information and you may just cause panic, especially if people around you hear about it. This also leads us to the second tip related to this.

Stay incognito

If you like looking like you went out of the military then you should join the military. I recommend you attract the least amount of attention when moving through public areas, this can be achieved by wearing neutral public clothes and wearing bags that will fit the gear without letting others know what is in there.

Use old bags and cases

In case you already have some bags and cases at home, and we all do, you can put some gear in there and if you have short guns you can even try to self-engineer some room in one of those bags and cases without spending a penny.


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