Airsoft Medic Guide (With Loadout)

Medic is that type of guy in airsoft that everybody loves because once you go down they are your only chance of getting back into the game quickly.

As a matter of fact, sometimes medics go beyond the purpose of the in-game roles and also treat injured players, so there are a few perspectives that describe the airsoft medic guy.

In this guide, We will go through what it takes to be an airsoft medic, what are the advantages of such a role, and what loadout is necessary to join the game as a medic.

What does airsoft medic do?

In short, a medic is best described in the following words,

Airsoft medics help downed players to get back into the game by aiding them in battle and sometimes they go so far that they treat injuries such as joint twists, scratches, bruises, and welts with actual medicine if they are properly trained for such function.

Medic is a support role, so anyone who likes to help others is welcome to join as one, but if you do not have paramedic experience you should only stick to the in-game medic for role-playing.

To be an in-game role-playing medic all you need to do is to comply with the field rules and which vary from field to field and from the type of game you play.

Actual paramedic knowledge and experience are always welcomed but are not necessary because there are two types of medics in the fields, the player that roleplays as one and the one that actually treats injuries but both roles can be embodied in one guy.

What are the rules for a medic in airsoft games?

Common medic field rules

Loadout rules

A medic may be limited to the gear they can carry, so this might mean that a medic will remove the excessive gear and go for a light loadout accompanied with “medical” necessities such as bandages, badges, ropes, tourniquets, or whatever is defined under the field rules as a mark for reviving allies.

Resurrection rules

There are three options when it comes to resurrecting in the airsoft fields.

  1. Every player has either a limited or unlimited amount of resurrects for other players without specifying the medic role. This means that everyone resurrects everyone.
  2. Only a few spots are reserved for a medic and no one but a player with the medic role can resurrect allies.
  3. There are no medic rules and no one gets another chance to play without walking out to the respawn zone or waiting for the match to end.

The second option is the one we discuss, it is the usual one and it makes the most sense unless the field decides that no medics should be in the field at all.

The process of resurrection looks like the following:

A fallen ally raises their hand, calls for medic help, and stays at a place where they have been hit without moving a single step.

The fallen player must stay at the place where they have been downed because it is not only realistic but also opens a good opportunity for the opposing team to take advantage of the position and take down players who come in for help.

The fallen player can either leave the field if they do not want to be revived normally or keep the hand raised while yelling “need a medic” until the medic arrives.

There is usually a 5 minutes rule in which time the medic can revive the player, but this depends from field to field.

Fallen players can change the position where they have been downed only by being dragged by another player to the safe zone.

A medic approaches the fallen ally and applies a mark (bandage, rope, patch, tourniquet) around the ally’s arm, and attaches it to their gun, cloth, or gear.

There also might be the rule that a medic needs to count to 10 seconds or simply tap the player and hold them for 10 seconds without applying any markings.

One life rule

Medics may have one life only, which is also logical because they are the ones that resurrect others and they can not resurrect themselves.

If they could, it would be quite unbalanced, don’t you agree?

MILSIM rules

There might be additional rules regarding how the entire process of reviving should look, the time the player needs to spend in isolation or anything that the rule creators thought could lead to a better experience and realism.

These rules mostly affect the loadout and may require you to carry a realistic loadout as soldiers would.

Just bear in mind that no matter how realistic you may want to make it, you should not use the medication you are not permitted to use on humans because it may not be legal.

Medics with actual paramedic knowledge can treat other players who get hurt in the fields whether it is a bruise, twisted ankle, or lack of hydration.

Advantages of being a medic in airsoft

1. Medic is a highly creative role

Starting from the loadout ideas to the execution of medic strategies in the field, the medic role is unexpectedly fun!

If you like to role play, you will enjoy having an actual medic set up that you will bring with you through the field, and if the field rules demand realism it may really feel like you are a doctor who visited the field full of injured allies.

Besides the cool kit that contains bandages, the gameplay can be a crazy experience.

Let’s say that you are asked to help a fallen ally who is still under the enemy sight somewhere in the middle of the field while another ally awaits you behind a tree trunk counting the seconds of the remaining life.

You will have to be careful and make strategic choices whether it is smart to risk your own life and save the rifleman on the grass field or go for a safer choice with a partially covered sniper who recently got hit by another sniper.

Your decision will mean a lot to the team play because sometimes your team may have better use of a sniper than another rifleman or it may be the opposite.

Also, you will have to sometimes take a longer route to approach the fallen ally, so you will go straight through a basement to get to the other side instead of going through the normal path due to the presence of enemy fire.

Remember, you have only one life and how you make decisions and approach your mission means victory or loss.

2. Social connection and communication

You have a special role and everyone will love you for being in their team which can be a great way to feel appreciated due to its teamplay synergy you will have to communicate with people and be in direct contact with them in order to aid them in battle.

Another cool thing here is that you will really need to play with the team and forget about solo adventures if you choose the role of a medic.

Sometimes you will have to even advise that someone from your team covers you while you try to rescue someone, so you can see why this role is dependent on team play.

All these things make medic a highly interesting role like no other!

Disadvantages of being a medic in airsoft

1. You have only one life

It is usual that a medic has only one life to balance the game, so you can not resurrect yourself, and once you are hit you are out.

This can be frustrating if you are reckless and get hit on a regular basis because other players will have someone to bring them back to life while you will have to sacrifice this privilege to help your team.

2. You must always stick to the team

If you want to leave the objective and play on your own, the medic role is a terrible choice.

Another reason why you may consider not playing the medic is that you need to communicate with the team and get in contact with others players very often which can be an issue for introverts who like to mind their own business.

Airsoft medic loadout ideas

What to wear as a medic

As a medic you will wear the same outfit you would were for any role except that you will place a red cross or similar medic patch on a helmet or arm.

This of course depends on a field and how your team sets up the rules, so you will have to check this one once you get into the team.

If your team does not have specific demands or you want to include this role in the existing team, you can check out some of the cool items that I found on the internet that you can use:

  1. A medic red cross patch that you can find on Amazon.

2. A funnier version of a medic patch that you can also find on Amazon here.

3. An awesome tactical pouch bag where you can fit the kit, check the price on Amazon here.

What to include in a medic kit

This again depends completely on the rules.

It can be a tourniquet, bandage, badge, marker, or piece of cloth that you place on a fallen ally to mark them as a revived player.

This type of tourniquet I have found on Amazon is something that players usually use.

Check out tourniquets on Amazon here.

MILSIM games may go further than that and use realistic medical kits, so there are no boundaries.

Whatever makes sense for the roleplay should be included in the kit.

Another great thing that you can do is to bring water and supply the allies.

This may slide into the role of a medic quite nicely because this is a support role and what means more to a thirsty player than a sip of fresh water?

What guns and gear should you carry

It is most commonly seen that medics carry some sort of a rifle because they still need a decent way to deal with enemies at mixed distances, so just as is the case with a rifleman role, a medic follows a similar logic.

The only thing that fits the idea of medics better and is sometimes inspired by the field rules is that you remove excessive gear and wear a light loadout.

This makes sense because your primary role is not to engage in the battle but to help wounded allies.

This can mean that you are allowed to bring only one airsoft gun, a reduced amount of magazines, and other helpful devices.

Final take on

Medics are cool and helpful, so if you decide to embody one, you will definitely leave some legacy behind!

It does not take much of a learning curve and if you have ever played airsoft you will catch up with everything in no time.

Strategies that a medic brings into the team are almost limitless,

So, are you ready to start aiding others in battles and changing the outcomes?


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