Airsoft gun laws in Utah- Are they Legal?

If you find yourself in Utah and consider using Airsoft guns, you need to be aware of some laws that may prohibit you from using it. Utah fortunately has really simple laws regarding airsoft guns and you will easily understand what you are allowed to do and what you are forbidden to.

I have made a research on the law itself and have decided to write below the summary and conclusions that I have came up with after reading the law. So what does the law say in short?

Airsoft guns are legal in the state of Utah. There are no laws that prohibit the use of airsoft guns or restrict the use by any meaning. However, you should pay attention to some laws that are different in some counties and cities.

Once you have understood the basics of Utah state law, you can also check whether it is smart to use airsoft guns in backyards in Utah.

Are Airsoft guns legal everywhere in Utah?

We have to answer this by mentioning cities and counties. The following counties and cities are:

Iron County Utah, Moab City Utah, Panguitch City Utah have the additional limitations to the use of airsoft guns such as it being seriously forbidden to discharge the replica anywhere in a public property but on the game field or private property.

This is not something that should concern you anyways because whether it is legal or not you should not discharge anything on the public property.

North Ogden, Ogden, Centerville, South Jordan and South Ogden have laws that prohibit the ownership of airsoft guns. These laws have been enforced by the law enforcement as an answer to the incidents where the airsoft replicas were accidentally mistaken for the real guns by a police officer.

If you live in some of the cities above, call the sheriff department and ask for additional information or contact the local airsoft community.

Are you allowed to remove the orange tip from airsoft gun in Utah?

Federal law applies to all stores and merchants and they must have the orange tip present when they sell you an airsoft gun.

Besides the requirements regarding the import of such airsoft guns there are no specific laws in the state of Utah that say that you must keep the orange tip on the top of your gun.

This however, does not mean that it is smart to remove the orange tip just because there are no laws that forbid you and punish you. I always suggest everyone that they are free to remove their orange tip for added realism when they are playing on the field or shooting bottles in their backyard on the private property.

I do not suggest that anyone should ever bring their gun in public without a good way of proving that it is indeed a toy and not a real gun.

One of the simplest way sometimes is to keep the orange markings on it. If the police officers decide to check you, they will have much easier time dealing with the marked weapons, so that it even could make a difference between an incident and a normal peaceful control.

You should not display your airsoft replica in public in a very first place anyways, so keep it in a transport bag whenever walking with it in public.

Airsoft guns look so real from a  far that even the orange markings do not mean much if an officer spots you from a far with it. They could easily get into a response they would later regret.

The common folk have even harder time to tell it a part from the real gun, because they are often paranoid and have only seen the guns on television before.

So, the conclusion is that you keep the markings when traveling with the gun just in case and always carry it in a bag. If you have removed it and can not reattach it then be careful.

Things to bear on mind when using airsoft guns in Utah

Do not use it for self defense

Using airsoft guns for self defense is one of the worst ideas you can come up with. I have created the entire post on this topic that you can checkout here. It may serve the purpose in some scenarios but if you have considered it as a real solution than you should really read the post mentioned.

Stay away from the school premises

It is the most sensitive topic nowadays. Do not EVER bring a replica nearby any school premises if you want to avoid complications.

Be careful how you transport it in public

As already mentioned be careful that you do not display or discharge the replica anywhere in public to avoid the misconceptions.

When you are driving it is the best practice to keep it away from the reach as well, this may seem weird at first but if the police officers stop you for a routine check, they will not like to see a replica near your reach even if you start explaining it.

If you want to be safe when traveling with airsoft guns, check my short guide on it. Airports can be tricky, but other public transportation also requires some precautions.

Treat is as a real gun

Most of the issues that are stated in the law or are not stated can be avoided if you follow the common sense. By treating your replica as a real gun, you will avoid all the troubles.

Although it is just a high class toy, it still may hurt a person that is not prepared if took by surprise.

This also explains the logic why you should not display it in public, would you display a real gun in public, or perhaps discharge it without expecting the consequences?

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