Airsoft Gun Laws In Georgia

important airsoft gun laws in Georgia

Understanding the state law about airsoft guns is very important, but often an individual does not need to have an in-depth understanding of airsoft gun laws to enjoy airsoft if there are official airsoft fields present in the area.

Georgia, just as any other state has its state law regarding firearms and public law that is there to establish the set of rules for public safety and piece and so on.

In this case, I was wondering whether there are specific Georgia laws about airsoft guns like there are in some states and cities such as New York, but I was unable to find much.

This means that it won’t be hard to answer some fundamental questions regarding airsoft guns, so let’s see what could I find.

I also want to state that in this article I will share best practices that will keep you safe no matters what the law is, so even if you miss something that is defined in the law, you can still remain safe from breaking the law!

I am not a lawyer, so I am unavailable to provide you with any legal advice regarding this topic, so this is rather my opinion based on the research I have done.

For more information regarding the law in Georgia, you can find it on one of the government sites here.

Are airsoft guns legal in Georgia?

Airsoft guns are not considered illegal in Georgia, however, it is not clearly defined where airsoft guns fall because there are no specific laws that describe airsoft guns and their possession.

In Georgia „Firearm“ is defined as any handgun, rifle, or another weapon that is capable or can be converted to expel a projectile by the action of an explosive or electrical charge.

As you can see, there are no doubts whether real guns that use an explosive charge fall into the category of „firearm“, but this being the only law that associates us with airsoft guns, does not define much about them at all.

Airsoft guns are non-powder devices often seen as toys, so it does not come as a surprise that there are no laws regarding them.

The same situation can be found across many other states and only some go far enough to define airsoft guns under the law about non-powder guns.

One thing that may concern you is whether the electrical charge means that AEG may be considered as „firearm“, but I highly doubt it because AEGs are powered with electricity, but no significant „charge“ is present when a BB is shot through and it still has to do more with the air and kinetic energy.

Important laws regarding airsoft in Georgia

Although there might not be specific laws regarding airsoft in Georgia on the state law, there still might be some local ordinances that state-specific set of rules regarding airsoft guns in the area, so if you are in doubt check them.

Let’s see what are important practices to keep you out of trouble, because there certainly is some Georgia law that mentions air guns and similar devices that are capable of expelling projectiles by any meaning in some areas such as the parks.

Do not play airsoft in public places and in the parks

The Georgia state law mentions the importance of keeping the piece in public areas such as the parks, so be careful not to breach it.

Transporting airsoft guns in a bag when they are invisible is perfectly fine, however, brandishing it or discharging BBs in the area is highly forbidden.

Never play airsoft at any public place even though sometimes the parks may seem like a good choice when no airsoft fields are open or close to you.

However, you might be interested to play it in your backyard, so check my tips for that case.

Playing in the woods

You may get away with playing in the woods, however, states still recognize woods as a public place unless it’s private property.

In both cases you may risk, but its on you.

If you accidentally hit someone it may put you into some serious problems and if someones spot you holding a replica that resembles a real gun so well, one call to the authorities may occur.

Therefore, be careful and rather choose official fields or your own property.

If you want to read more about what you can expect by playing airsoft in the woods, both by the legal and social aspects, you can find more in my post about playing airsoft in the woods where I’ve also shared some stories that happened to people.

Do not carry or expel an airsoft gun near school premises

Schools and colleges have their own set of rules that are backed up by state law, so be especially careful of not breaching such rules.

Never ever brandish or use airsoft guns anywhere near school premises and this includes school buses and roadways.

This is a very sensitive topic these days and this kind of behavior can be extremely dangerous.

Do not display your airsoft gun anywhere in the public transport

Public transport carries additional problems because if you brandish airsoft guns in a close area it can cause massive hysteria.

What I have found out to be the smartest way to move with airsoft guns through public transport is to hide airsoft gear in a bag or case that doesn’t even point the shape of the gun itself.

Some people have asked for permission before entering public transport, but in case you mention the word „gun“ and someones hears it, it can be enough for someone to get upset and panic is easily shareable with others.

In some cases the driver or security personnel may have not even heard of airsoft and may only hear „guns“, so in my opinion, it is better to stay completely incognito.

Basically, if you plan to travel with airsoft guns in or out of state check my post on safety tips for traveling such as by planes or other public or private vehicles.

Purchasing airsoft guns

As I have heard you can buy an airsoft gun in Walmart if you are older than 16, but the federal law also states that you have to be at least 18 years old to purchase an airsoft gun, so this may depend on store to store.

Federal law is there to make it harder for minors to acquire airsoft guns, but if you have managed to buy one legally you can own it and use it in your private place or in official airsoft fields.

Is it legal to remove orange markings on airsoft guns in Georgia?

There is only federal law that talks about the importance of orange markings to be present on all airsoft guns that can be found in stores.

Therefore, it must be marked and there is a certain age limit for acquiring one in all states, but there are no specific laws on the state level that will punish you for removing one as I am informed.

Local ordinances are another thing, so stay safe and remove it if you are going to use it in official fields or private places where no one can misinterpret it for a real gun, which is common-sense anyways.


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