Lancer Tactical Gen 2 Review (Any Good?)

Lancer Tactical Gen 2 is outstanding series of airsoft rifles ideal for everyone on a budget who wants a reliable airsoft gun out of stock.

Lancer Tactical is a good airsoft brand that produces airsoft guns for an entry-level price point and with these Gen 2 rifles, they captured the modern military look along with nice execution of the functioning design.

However, I can’t claim that Lancer Tactical produces the best out-of-stock airsoft guns as they still need to be upgraded if you want a superb machine in the outdoor field.

I believe this statement is important to understand prior to buying Gen 2 series such as LT-15, LT-19, or Hybrid GEN 2 Battle Hawk guns.

While you’ll have a decent intermediate-level gun out of stock that will be reliable long-term, it won’t compete against absolute elite airsoft guns such as Krytac without necessary upgrades.

Yet, this isn’t really a problem for most players because you are either on a budget or don’t play airsoft professionally where pin-point accuracy and range are important.

Lancer Tactical HYBRID GEN 2 Battle Hawk

FPS with 0.20 g BBs330-350 FPS
Magazine Capacity120 rounds
HandguardM-LOK and Picatinny
TriggerElectric fast trigger
GearboxVersion 2 upgradeable metal gearbox
Quick Spring Change MechanismYes
Barrel6.03 mm tight bore
Firing ModesFull-auto, semi-auto, and safe modes
Battery11.1v stick LiPo battery

Lancer Tactical HYBRID GEN 2 Battle Hawk is a compact airsoft gun great for CQB, but can also be used outdoors as it has a decent FPS and impressive trigger response.

A telescopic stock makes this gun ideal for CQB because you don’t need to worry about the length when checking corners and close combat aiming is effortless.

However, this same telescopic stock can be extended to reach 27 inches which makes it adaptable for outdoor battles.

What makes this Lancer Tactical GEN 2 a hybrid, is the fact it has nylon upper and lower receivers instead of classic metal, this makes it lightweight while the durability isn’t sacrificed.

The rest of the gun is of great quality, so the internal metal gearbox is upgrade-friendly, MOSFET secures the trigger response and efficiency and makes the gun LiPo-ready.

This HYBRID GEN 2 Battle Hawk is a really lightweight machine with a crazy rate of fire which can get even better with upgrades.

Lancer tactical LT-19 gen 2

FPS with 0.20g BBs380 FPS
Magazine Capacity300 rounds
Handguard10-inch KeyMod handguard
TriggerLancer Fast Trigger
GearboxFull metal Version 2 gearbox
Quick Spring Change MechanismYes (quick change spring system)
Barrel6.03mm Tight Bore
Firing ModesSafe / Semi / Full Auto
Battery11.1v LiPO battery is recommended/you should upgrade to it if not included in stock version

Lancer Tactical LT-19 Gen 2 is an epitome of a military-inspired airsoft rifle ideal for outdoor use but due to a quick spring change can be used in CQB too.

This Lancer Tactical Lt-19 body is fully made from a polymer which makes it lightweight and durable, and its folding stock allows you to move it from 31.2 inches to 34.4 inches.

These benefits may not seem as much, but its design is very competitive-friendly. There are no words to describe the feeling when you finally get a gun that fits right. (For instance, its stock creates a nice support when pushed against a shoulder).

Its full metal gearbox is upgrade friendly, and it’s interesting that the gearbox uses 8mm ball bearings with an 18:1 steel gear ratio along a 19K RPM high torque motor.

That plus a really good quality 6.03mm tight bore inner barrel offer a consistently good effective range.

LT-19 is a really powerful gun that exceeds the entry level, and its lovely rail with flip-up front and rear iron sights is so helpful in combat whether for target acquisition or the ability to add cool attachments.

Now, the downside is that this particular model didn’t include MOSFET which surprised me, but at least you get a 300 rounds magazine which is a plus for some players who prefer a high cap.

Lancer Tactical LT-15 Gen 2

FPS with 0.20g BBs390 FPS
Magazine Capacity120 rounds
HandguardQuad rail RIS system handguard
TriggerLancer Fast Trigger
GearboxFull metal Version 2 gearbox
Quick Spring Change MechanismYes (quick change spring system)
Barrel6.03mm Tight Bore
Firing ModesSafe / Semi / Full Auto
Battery11.1v LiPO battery is recommended

Lancer Tactical LT-15 Gen 2 is a unique and beautiful modern-looking gun with decent power straight out of the box.

The internal full metal gearbox with 8mm gear bushings is great and upgrade-friendly, and other internals is decent while the polymer body seems as sturdy as on other Lancer Tactical Gen 2 guns.

One minor downside to me is that the quality of hop up could be better because, with the already such a well-built gun, they could have just given it a more consistent effective range with a better hop up and I’d have no complaints.

The second one is that the gun came with a NiMH battery and I stand that LiPo batteries offer better performance, yet this may not be that important if you are not a serious competitive, airsoft lunatic.

Moreover, these types of guns are still made on a budget and further upgrades are necessary if someone desires perfection.

I’d use this gun for CQB due to its FPS that fits CQB requirements, but the quick spring change allows for easy adaptation.

This gun looks dope, has everything a beginner to intermediate player would need and I think it’s really well built and accurate for what it’s supposed to be.

Quick Summary

How fast does the Lancer Tactical Gen 2 shoot?

Lancer Tactical Gen 2 rifles have a great trigger response and a high rate of fire that is ideal for both CQB and outdoor skirmishes.

However, you should use an 11.1V LiPo battery in these rifles for maximum effectiveness, as weaker or NiMh batteries will result in worse performance.

Does Lancer Gen 2 have Mosfet?

The fact that most Lancer Gen 2 rifles have a MOSFET is a great news, especially for beginner players who’d otherwise wouldn’t think of upgrading it on other stock guns that are MOSFET-free.

MOSFET allows for use of stronger batteries such as 11.1V LiPo and ensures the maximum efficiency of the electronics while also protecting the gun from burnouts.

How far does Lancer Tactical Gen 2 shoot?

Lancer Tactical Gen 2 can shoot accurately up to 150 feet.

Every Gen 2 model seems to have a decent accuracy at this range, but it’s possible for the effective range to drop or increase after switching the spring, and due to only a decent quality of hop-up, with a single hop-up upgrade these guns could easily become super-accurate at 150 feet or more.

What type of motor does Lancer Tactical Gen 2 use?

Lancer Tactical Gen 2 rifles use Version 2 full-metal gearboxes that are upgrade friendly.

The most important and fundamental part of every AEG is its gearbox, and Lancer Tactical ensured that its gearbox satisfies its customers in the long term.

Does Lancer Tactical Gen 2 have a quick change spring?

All Lancer Tactical Gen 2 rifles have a quick-change spring which is a useful component.

With a quick change spring, you can easily adjust the FPS for the desired game mode and this allows you to own a single gun for multiple purposes.

Is Lancer Tactical Gen 2 Lipo Ready?

Most Lancer Tactical Gen 2 rifles I reviewed are LiPo ready and LiPo is a recommended battery you should use.

The installed MOSFET and wirings ensure that even the strongest LiPo batteries can work properly in these guns.


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