Is Airsoft Worth Joining? (Yes, and This is Why)

Players joined airsoft and are having a good time

Airsoft is becoming more popular every day and it’s never too late to join it whether you plan to do it solo or have a group of friends.

Airsoft is worth joining if you like guns and the idea of simulated warfare. This is the only sport that allows you to shoot others with realistic replicas in a simulated environment without any harm. Airsoft can be played by anyone despite their age, physical condition, or gender.

I decided to write a short article to persuade you to join airsoft when I found out how many people want to join airsoft but never get to the point where they step into the field and it remains only an unrealized idea.

If you are interested to read about airsoft, you will surely enjoy playing it even more!

So, let me tell you why you should join airsoft as soon as possible.

What is the point of airsoft?

As you might know already, airsoft is played with realistic-looking gun replicas and is often compared to paintball. However, while paintball uses heavy balls of color and messes you up, airsoft relies on plastic BBs which don’t even hurt much with some basic protective gear.

The point of airsoft is to make the game as fun as possible by simulating modern real-life battle scenarios and the opportunities are endless. There is always a goal you need to achieve whether it’s a capture of a flag, eliminating everyone, the last man standing, or a fight against infested zombies.

So, simply put airsoft is about fun, adrenaline rush, social participation, and stress relief that is so needed in these hurried days.

Reasons why airsoft is worth it

I’ll try to persuade you to join airsoft with some reasons I can explain in short, yet feel free to read more about the benefits that come from playing airsoft in my dedicated article.

So much fun

This doesn’t need further explanation, who doesn’t like playing with the guns and grenades with another folk without getting hurt? If I have only known about airsoft when I was a kid, I surely would live in the field and my parents would have had hard times. Yet, why should we ever get too old to forget about our inner child that wants to have fun with the guns pretending to be a soldier fighting the baddies?

Airsoft will bring you back to those forgotten days (which might not be that long ago) and you’ll wait your next free time to get into the field.

It connects people

The airsoft community is great and that’s because there’s no room for disrespectful people like cheaters. They never stay in the community, so don’t worry about them as you might only stumble across them every once in a while and they won’t ruin your game.

When you enjoy the teamwork or have a competitive match against the enemy team everybody is happy and sharing a beer (or lemonade for those underages) after the match is such a good vibe.

You will make friends, and maybe even a significant other as everyone enjoys airsoft despite their gender or age.

If you think you won’t be good at airsoft, don’t worry as 99% of other players will accept you for who you are if you are there to share the fun with them!

Airsoft is a good workout

Airsoft can be played at any pace and you can easily find a role that suits you, yet it’s always going to bring some additional activity into your life.

It’s possible to burn more than 1000 calories in a day of playing airsoft, so compared to other sports that are focused exclusively on exercising, fitness comes in airsoft together with the fun of the game. You might not even realize it, but a few months after starting your airsoft journey you may experience noticeable weight loss and see many other beautiful changes for the better.

It brings out the competitive side of you

We all like to outsmart others and let our thinking or abilities do the work that will be admired from time to time. This is fun and when it’s done without ill intent it’s good for everyone as long as others want to participate in it.

In airsoft, everyone participates with a desire to defeat the other team and to win the match, so competitiveness is seriously highlighted here. When you realize how many strategies there are, and how you can set up the traps or outplay others you’ll know what I mean.

Of course, people who are not highly competitive and just want to chill can also enjoy the best of airsoft, just by adapting their playstyle and caring less for the outcome, so this is not an obstacle. I am just saying that if you are missing that competitiveness in the games, you won’t be disappointed with airsoft.

What are some negative sides of airsoft?

I sometimes bring airsoft high into the skies, but I must admit that there are a few cons to airsoft just like there are cons with anything else in life.

It’s addictive

Airsoft offers so much and the market is huge, so don’t get too excited and end up in a debt. Seriously, this has happened to many because there are so many awesome loadouts, gadgets, and new and old guns and they are really expensive.

If you don’t trust yourself and think you won’t be able to resist the urge of spending money, think twice before you open Pandora’s box.

However, you can always start small and slowly upgrade the stuff as there are many upgrades that can be done one by one without cashing it all in at once.

Second thing, if you start to like airsoft too much, you may realize you have less time for other important tasks (this is why I spend so much time on this blog, instead of working on a real job yeah.)

It hurts, but only a little bit

Truth be told, airsoft hurts, but only a little bit!

A plastic BB weighing 0.25 grams is on average projected at you with a velocity of 400 FPS which is quite respectable. The thing is that if such a hit lands on the bare skin, it might leave a small red mark that may later turn purple and you will definitely feel the impact worse than a mosquito bite.

However, those injuries are not dangerous, and if you want to completely negate them you can with the help of protective clothes. This can be any thick material jeans or a jacket, so you don’t need kevlar fabric.

For the face, you can wear a face mask and a helmet or any hat combined with safety eye protection, and you are fully protected, so you’ll only feel the impact to be able to call the hits without experiencing any pain.

Final take on

There you go, did I manage to convince you to join airsoft or do you still have doubts? Really, it’s all about giving it a try and you’ll immediately know whether it’s for you or not. So, google that nearby field and see whether you can rent a gun and gear there, it won’t be much and if you like it you can get full starting gear for less than $200.

If you need more help I have written many beginners’ posts including an entire 54-page long beginner book that will prepare you for everything you need to know when you are just starting.


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