Can You Play Airsoft in the Rain? Will Your AEG Break?

Forest on the rainy day

If you play airsoft outside in the fields or just have a tendency to shoot bottles in your backyard while it is raining, no matter whether the reasons are that you can not find free time on sunny and dry days or you are just romantic and like to shoot under the rain, the chances are that the rain will make your gun start malfunctioning after some time if you do not follow the instructions.

There is also a bunch of useful rain gear, but quite frankly you do not need much of it to get ready. So can you play it in the rain?

You can play Airsoft in the rain whenever you want and however long you want as long as you secure your equipment accordingly. All the gear and guns can take some water on them and will not immediately make them break.

Some guns are less likely to get affected by the rain, but some guns will have a difficult time surviving rains and wet surroundings.

In the following guide, I will explain what you need to do as a precaution and after you are done with it, you will be likely to spend days and nights in the rain and will in fact avoid those dry days, because rain is so cool.

Are airsoft guns waterproof and is it bad to use electric airsoft guns (AEGs) in rain?

Airsoft guns are known to vary from cheaper ones to the more expensive ones and it is often a criteria that tells apart a low quality gun from a high quality gun.

However, when it comes to the waterproof characteristics of an airsoft gun, most of the airsoft guns will endure rain and wet conditions, but if you own an AEG you should be extra cautious.

AEG guns are sensitive because of the electronic parts within. It is suggested to preserve it by not letting the water get into some openings that may not only rust your gun if you do not dry them soon enough, but may also destroy the electronics and completely destroy its ability to fire.

AEG contain rechargeable  battery packs that power an internal electric motor and sometimes your gun may also contain a mosfet that is also sensitive to water.

If you are not familiar with a mosfet, it is a Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor that serves as an electronic switch, it helps to close the circuit electronically and therefore provide your gun with more efficient power delivery.

A mosfet is not always included within your gun when you buy it, so you will have to check it out whether your gun has it or not. But if you have not heard of it the chances are that you do not have it installed.

Spring guns or gas blowback guns are more resistant due to not having electronic components within. If you own an AEG fear not, because I will share a few tips that you will be able to apply to your AEG and safely use it.

Are AEGs water-proof or water-resistant?

Water-resistant means that a gun is built in such a way that it is difficult for water to get inside of it, or that it is coated with some substance that prevents water from getting in.

This means that the water will have difficult time penetrating on a very first contact with your gun.

The water-proof means that no matter what kind of a contact is in question, the water is not going to find the way in or cause any damage by nature of it in any scenario.

Rarely anything is really water-proof and this is often a misinformation when people talk about water resistance.

AEGs are not water-proof, they are water-resistant. This means that water may still find a way in and mess up the electronics inside if it penetrates spots like gearbox, pistol grip or stock tube.

Sensitive parts of your AEGs are battery and its connector, Mosfet, Motor and electronic trigger unit.

The wires and electronic components of the aeg airsoft gun
Wires and electronics in the AEG

If you follow instructions below, you will take care of all the sensitive parts mentioned above and you will not have to worry.

Tips for making your Airsoft guns safe from the rain

If you own an AEG you should consider these tips, because they will make your gun safe for rainy games.

Keep plastic bag around batteries and wires

Simplicity at its best. You can use any plastic bag that you find comfortable to work with and wrap it around vulnerable parts of your airsoft gun.

This will not only work as a good prevention for water getting into your AEGs, but will certainly work for any Airsoft gun that you own if you ever want to protect it from dirt or any other unpleasant thing.

Tape the holes in your gun

Depending on a gun, there are more or less openings in your guns body. You want to make sure that those holes are well covered so the rain can not get inside and somehow affect the electric parts of your AEG.

To cover such parts simply use a tape, I recommend the good old silicone tape that is known for its waterproof characteristics.

You can later remove it with an ease if you want to do so and it is certainly going to provide the rainproof safety to your gun.

Taping the holes or protecting them with a bag serves purpose the best. If the water can not get in touch with anything, you do not have to apply any spray but more safety is a good practice.

Use waterproof electronic spray

There are such sprays that you can apply to the sensitive electronic wired system and make it more water resilient, however this is not a guaranteed way to protect your gun and you should still be careful that the water does not get in.

Take care of the motor grip

One of the most vulnerable parts of your gun is the motor grip for obvious reasons, make sure that you waterproof it correctly with techniques mentioned above because this is the part that water can easily penetrate through.

This is the part of the gun that gets first in contact with dirt and water in most cases.

The post gun maintenance

The very first thing that you should do after the game is over, is to properly clean and dry the gun from dirt and water.

In this case water may not be present inside of the gun but it can still rust the metal parts of the gun if not properly dried before left in the storage. Mud and dirt may easily mix with the water and find its way into some holes of the gun and damage it.

It is recommended to use a firearm lubricant that helps with prevention of metal rusting, the same goes for any moving part of the gun that you are cleaning.

If the substance you are using for rust cleaning does not contain lubricant and you apply it to the moving parts, you may make more damage than good.

I have written an entire maintenance guide for airsoft gun owners, it is important that you know these basics like the back of your hand.

Should you play airsoft in the rain

There are cases where people dive into the water with their Airsoft guns including AEGs, and after that they work completely fine, however you probably want to make is sure that your gun is not going to get affected by water.

Protect it with tips above because it is better to be safe than sorry.

Following the same logic it is better to get rid of some dirty soaked airsoft bbs that will cost you 5$ to replenish your storages than using them and jamming your gun and then paying for the repair or purchasing a new gun for way more money.

In terms of overall safety, be sure that you do not get too excited and light on feet if you are playing outdoors on any nature terrain like mud or grass. I have seen players forgetting that the conditions are different and some of them almost broke their back, spinal.

Disadvantages and Advantages of playing Airsoft in the Rain

We have went through the Airsoft guns and their protection against the rain, but what about the other segments of the game that the rain may affect?

The Reduced visibility

If the rain is severe it can reduce the visibility for players and therefore you will have harder time noticing another player.

This can be used against you just as it can be a big advantage to your side, all depending on how comfortable you are in such situation.

The wind is not on your side

Often when it rains it also blows, rain alone may affect the bb’s direction by splashing it in the middle of the way, but the wind can furthermore increase these negative effects.

In order to get over this problem you will have to do what real soldiers do as well when they are shooting targets at long range on the windy day, adjust the aim at the certain angle above your target.

The only big difference is that Airsoft guns lack the power of real guns, so you will experience this at far closer distances.

However, if you decide to use this in your advantage, you will have easier time walking through enemy fire and surprising them at the closer range. PS. Be aware that you are not allowed to knife them so stick to a handgun.

It is slippery out there

Besides being wet if you do not use the rain gear, you may also fall and hurt yourself if you are not careful enough, so do not sprint as much as usual and watch your steps, my propose is that you survive till the next game.

You will realize that it has its charms and you may get addicted to it, the problem may be finding the same passionately driven players who will share the field with you and will not rather stay at home with dry feet drinking warm milk.

Airsoft rain gear? Do you need any?

As I have mentioned, you do not need much gear to play in rainy conditions, but it is recommended to at least arm yourself with some good fabric.

Some people just do not like being wet the entire game because it is irritating and can get you cold.

In short you may consider buying a pair of waterproof socks, boots, trousers and jackets, or simply a rain coat that is going to serve you well as a cheaper substitute for trousers and jackets.

When it comes to the budget you should think of it as an investment, especially if you plan to wear it a lot during the year, or you also do hiking or just prefer to walk under the rain a lot for any given reason.

What about airsoft bbs? Are they waterproof?

Let’s mention that the biodegradable bbs may behave differently from regular BBs if they get in contact with lots of water, it may soak them.

Just keep the ammo safe and dry. But even for biodegradable bbs it will take some long time for them to start changing the shape, so they will not affect your gun if it is wet outside, but if you soaked them in water and left them for a few days in such condition, I would not risk getting my gun jammed.

The plastic ones obviously do not absorb much water, but I would also not risk using them if it has been a few weeks of storage in such condition.

Do not just use any towel or any method if you want to dry them, think that if some hair gets entangled around your bbs it may also hurt your gun and get it jammed, so if you are drying it just as it is with any gun part be sure that you do not put additional dirt on it. Here goes a tip: Use a hairdryer.

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