12 Best Gifts For Airsoft Players

List of Christmas and birthday airsoft gifts

Whether your friend or a family member who is highly passionate about airsoft has a birthday, it’s Christmas or it is any other special occasion, you do not have to worry that you will leave them disappointed when it comes to airsoft gifts.

Airsoft is so creative and there is such a huge assortment of airsoft gear, devices, and merchandise that no matter how big of a collector the person may be, there will always be the things they’ll need or want!

I have made the list of perfect gifts for airsoft players based on knowing what my airsoft buddies like and what I would like to receive under the Christmas tree and on the birthday.


T-shirts are a universal gift and they are liked by anyone if they match the person’s interests or hobbies. You can find t-shirts across the internet from different stores including Amazon, but I will recommend some t-shirts from our store with unique designs that cannot be found elsewhere.

T-shirts can be a great gift, but if they are not comfortable or of good quality, the person won’t be able to wear them, and they will rather keep them in the closet.

Nothing wrong with that because gifts are, after all, an expression of how we feel about someone, but I personally like to proudly wear t-shirts I receive as gifts and for that reason, I have decided to put some cool designs on high-quality t-shirts in our store.


Mugs are awesome and at the moment I am typing these there are 2 mugs I received as a birthday gift on my desk.

Look for a design that describes the person the best and you won’t disappoint them.

You can start by checking our store and looking through some of the bestselling mug designs, but if you do not find anything there, I am sure there are great places for mugs such as Amazon where you can find more stuff!

Your friend loves airsoft and they can’t imagine the morning without a cup of coffee? Look no further.

Or you can find something completely unordinary on Amazon like this mug with the pistol shape handle. I have seen many mugs, but nothing like these, and there are variations such as a golden shape handle/black mug or the revolver one.


Nobody wants boring face protection and there are so many amazing masks that airsoft players will always be surprised with.

If they play airsoft they must own mandatory eye protection, but there are cool full face and lower face masks that can match the full appearance along with eye protection and make airsoft more fun.

What I have in mind, are those awesome Samurai, cartoon, and movie masks that can be found on Amazon.

There is a mask for everyone, do they like DC? Get them a Joker or Batman-inspired mask, do they like Marvel? Winter Soldier mask will do!

For instance, this cloth Hulk mask will look amazing on every Hulk fan!

My favorite inspiration is Japanese samurai culture, so I am weak on those samurai demon masks,

and you can always go with a full face mask that offers full protection with a classic brutal appearance.

Any of these masks will provide a player with additional protection and besides having something that minimizes the pain along with a badass look can only mean a successful gift.

4. BBs

If an airsoft player had a penny for each BB they shot, they would be richer than Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk combined.

There are never enough BBs for any active airsoft player and even if they are not active, spending hours in the backyard claiming the cans down can be an awesome experience.

There are biodegradable BBs for Eco-oriented airsoft players that degrade in the earth faster than regular plastic BBs and there are super cool fluorescent BBs that glow in the darkness when paired with a tracer!

If you like the idea of fluorescent BBs as a gift and the person does not have a tracer already, it will be a crazy winner combo.


And from the fluorescent BBs, we are led to the night tracers, the scariest, the coolest, and the most SCI-FI airsoft device.

As you can imagine, such a gift will certainly send anyone on their knees, and they will probably spend the next few nights outside or in the basement playing with this stuff.

A tracer works in pair with fluorescent BBs and this gift is something you do not usually encounter.

A tracer is a device that is ideal for late airsoft games or in a dark CQB environment with the absence of light. The tracers produce crazy-looking effects whenever a gun is fired and it looks like something straight from Star Wars movies.


Okay, how about combining their passion for airsoft with a useful everyday jacket for rainy autumn and winter days?

These jackets are important for airsoft games because playing for hours in the humidity is not a nice feeling without some proper clothing and these jackets can be worn outside of any correlation with airsoft such as for going out to the supermarket, going to town, camping, jogging or hiking.

They are waterproof and windproof which means that they are perfect clothing for harsh autumn and winter days but they also look nice and are quite comfortable.


Airsoft is enjoyed outside of the field just as much as it is enjoyed in the field. Many airsoft players like to practice their skills or simply have plain stupid fun in their garden or local forest.

Practicing targets are an awesome gift because it is difficult to arrange the field with cans and bottles each time you went to practice, and even if they already own some targets, more targets will certainly make the experience better.

For instance, who could resist shooting at these sweet zombies?


Airsoft guns may look nice on their own, but just as humans like make-up, airsoft guns like cosmetics to shine from the outside.

There are skins and camouflages available on Amazon for handguns and rifles, so you can toggle between the list of available skins and choose one that your friend would like.

or get them something that will entirely cover their airsoft gun.

Bear in mind, the real beauty comes from inside, so if a person you are gifting cosmetics to does not have a solid airsoft gun to begin with, the next option may be the one that will rock their universe.


This might be the most expensive option and it is understandable that spending $200 is not always reasonable for a gift, but if you know that there is an airsoft gun they always dreamed about and you got some cash, there is nothing better than a new airsoft gun they dreamed about for past few months.

Airsoft offers a huge collection of gear, devices, and guns, and a new airsoft gun will be always welcomed in anyone’s collection!

Talk with them about their favorite playstyle, favorite guns, or the gear they wished they had the money for and collect the clues and surprise them with something memorable.

Another option is to get them a new scope or bipod if you know they like sniping but do not own those parts or if they mentioned they would need a suppressor, sound amplifier, or a new inner barrel, you know they will like it.

Bear in mind, that before buying any inner part such as inner barrel, hop up unit, gearset, motor, and similar inner parts, you should know exactly what they need because not everything will match their existing gun and if you are not familiar with airsoft you might get a wrong thing!

Therefore, universal devices such as sights, scopes, bipods, suppressors, sound amplifiers, magazine holders, chest rigs, and other similar airsoft gear will be a safe option.


These type of gifts work phenomenally because everyone who plays airsoft likes to display their airsoft rifle proudly in their home.

This gift is affordable, a rifle hanging on the wall looks cool, and having a place to rest airsoft gear is always a plus.


This is an expensive gift, but if they do not have one, Go Pro will be a revolution for them.

We all like recalling favorite moments in life, and for any airsoft player, the possibility of rewatching the action in the field is an awesome thing.

The best thing about Go Pro is that you mount it on the helmet, chest rig, on the shoulder, or on the gun and forget about it while it captures everything you were facing during the game.

This does not only allows airsoft players to recall their favorite moments and share them with friends, but they can also improve their game based on watching mistakes they and their teammates did and improve for the next game.

You can find the list of cameras I reviewed, so you can choose the right one for the gift.

P.S. They may also become a YouTuber and create awesome compilation videos!


Looking for a simple, affordable yet useful gift? A speed loader it is! Charging magazines in the middle of the game or prior to it can be a long and exhausting process without a speed loader, so every airsoft player should have one in their arsenal.

However, many experienced airsoft players already own a speed loader, so this is a great gift to beginners who are just starting out with airsoft and do not have one.

Final take on

I hope I managed to help you to find the perfect gift amongst the tons of options that exist in the airsoft market.

The list consists of a variety of airsoft products for lower and higher budgets, and I believe that anything from the list will be more than a decent gift, especially when you wrap it up and surprise them with something that supports their passion!

Remember, there are no bad gifts when the gift is gifted from the heart.

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