Best Futuristic Airsoft Guns

Futuristic and Sci-Fi inspired list of airsoft guns

Futuristic designed guns are the thing of the future or Sci-Fi movies, but airsoft is a step ahead and already has futuristic Sci-Fi replica guns ready for shipment straight to your home address.

The thing with futuristic airsoft guns is that they do not only look fantastic and can fit your futuristic outfits for cosplay competition but actually perform on a pretty high scale for competitive play in the fields.

These replicas may not be popular because people prefer the realistic and common look for their loadouts, but this is exactly the reason to shake things up the next time you show up in the field.

Bring some friends with you and you are ready for an alien invasion or the Terminator comeback, this time with more than one saviour from the future.

The following guns are considered the best in my opinion based on the price, quality of the material they are made of, the performance, and the futuristic design.

The Best futuristic Sci-Fi airsoft guns I could find are:

  • CSI STAR XR5 1503 AEG
  • WellFire MB4418-1 Bolt Action airsoft sniper


Futuristic Sci-Fi airsoft AEG CSI STAR
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Straight to the point, this airsoft gun is simply the epitome of futuristic design mixed with outstanding functionality.

XR5 AEG is one of those guns that amaze you from the very first contact and there is a good reason behind it.

This gun is not just about its futuristic, Sci-Fi look that already wins the hearts of players who are looking for something different and unusual to their current, more traditionally based arsenal. This gun internally has everything that a good AEG should have with a great upgrade opportunity.

Not only that you can further upgrade its already-amazing-working accuracy, range, and fire rate, but it comes with an upper, side, and lower rail capable of installing the whole spectrum of external devices such as flashlights, grenade launchers, lasers, sights, and so on.

The gun is extremely compatible (most m4/m16 magazines will fit it) and adjustable to your needs, so for instance you can adjust the stock and sights according to your needs just as you can adjust the hop-up with ease.

It shoots at 390 FPS with 0.20 gram BBs, has 225 rounds magazine, full metal V2 fully upgradable gearbox, injection-molded polymer body, ergonomic design, and in my opinion this is enough to put it on the first spot in this list.


Futuristic Sci-Fi designed airsoft JG STAR DRAGON AEG
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JG star dragon gets the first spot for one of the most unusual airsoft guns that exist and although not the only unusual AEG on the list, this one portrays the Sci-Fi theme the best and lures you into the world of popular Sci-Fi games and films of the last century.

I may be more of a traditional guy when it comes to airsoft, but this design is interesting and does a good job of being futuristic.

However, it is not all about the appearance and we must qualify the actual performance and in this case, it is more than solid.

The AEG competes with most other quality airsoft guns that fit the same price budget, keeps the FPS around 370 with 0.20 gram BBs, has a capacity magazine of 170 rounds, and has an adjustable hop-up system.

The gun has a metal gearbox and some other parts such as the part of a retractable stock and comes with a metal hi-cap magazine.

However, most of the body including the outer part of the retractable stock is made from a polymer that at some places feels like solid plastic.

Although the gun has realistic weight to it that makes it immersable, I would prefer more metal parts with this design that feel sturdier, but you can not have it all for this price and I think that it’s both well designed and manufactured.

The only big problem here is that a common type of vehicle is not suggested with this one, so next time you travel to your favorite airsoft field, better choose a starship.

WellFire MB4418-1 Bolt Action airsoft sniper

Futuristic Sci-Fi airsoft WellFire bolt action sniper rifle
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I was trying to find a good looking and well-performing futuristic airsoft sniper and the WellFire MB4418-1 attracted me at the very first sight.

Its design and creamy white-yellowish color make it different from other traditional airsoft snipers you will see in the field.

One lovely feature not often found on other snipers is its overlapping stock and unusual rail space that can handle tons of devices such as sighs, lasers, flashlights, or scopes.

The potential to put on it so many attachments combined with its design makes this sniper a truly odd pick that can look quite robotic.

I would place some green or red dot sighs, a purple flashlight, and a huge, sharp scope on it to make it as futuristic and weird as possible.

However, I also find this sniper to be slightly underperforming compared to some other sniper rifles I have researched before.

The problem lies in its velocity (380 FPS) which means it can not handle 0.30+ gram BBs, and if you have checked some of my previous posts, you may know that I am a big advocate of heavy BBs for long-range guns.

If you want to know why you can check my post here, but in short it helps the gun to be as accurate and travel as far in the distance as it can.

So, this gun won’t be a perfect pick for open field skirmishes where you’ll want to take enemies accurately from afar but still performs great at distances under 150 feet.

If you don’t play in such fields and need an extra steady range then this won’t be a big problem for you.

What makes futuristic airsoft guns worth it?

Airsoft is slowly developing, and just like anything else, it needs its time to come up with really exciting stuff.

Futuristic Sci-Fi design is something not usually seen in the fields, nor are the manufacturers oriented on such designs due to the lesser demand.

However, Sci-Fi airsoft replicas are a great addition to cosplays and LARPs, so if you are that one player who wants to step out from the ordinary outfits, there indeed is some arsenal to choose from.

What I have found to be true, is that when manufacturers focus on design that the performance goes down.

Due to this reason I was not able to find tons of good futuristic airsoft guns that can also beat other airsoft guns that fit the same budget in performance or at least compete with them.

Hopefully, the guns I have mentioned are great at performance, efficiency, durability and they fit the idea of the “futuristic Sci-fi design” quite well, or at least in my eyes.


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