Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles For Beginners (2021)

Airsoft snipers in the open case

If you are interested in affordable beginner’s Airsoft Snipers that are well-performing, I have great news for you, there are a few proven-to-work and good quality Airsoft snipers that can be found on the market for under $150.

All following Beginner’s Airsoft Sniper Rifles are Spring-powered and have the adjustable Hop-Up.

  1. AGM L96 AWP Spring (380-400 FPS)
  2. Double Eagle M59P Bolt Action (400-440 FPS)
  3. Double Eagle M62 Bolt Action (440-460 FPS)
  4. ASG M40A3 Sportline Bolt Action (440-480 FPS)
  5. Well m187d Spring bolt action (500-550 FPS)

I recommend that you use heavy BBs if the FPS on your sniper allows that, you can read more on why is that important and find the table that shows the right BBs for your FPS, here.

If you want to improve your sniper game check my guide on becoming a better airsoft sniper where I share tips about the gameplay and mention the sniper loadout.

AGM L96 AWP Airsoft Sniper Rifle

One of the coolest and most realistic snipers on the market

AGM L96 AWP airsoft sniper rifle
Photo Source: Airsoft Station

This is the first airsoft replica sniper rifle that I would think of if you mentioned the word “snipers”, and this is due to the fact that I played a lot of CS games and AWP was my favorite gun in-game.

This replica feels great in hands and it is worth mentioning that it weighs 9.8 pounds which is more than most other sniper rifles I have mentioned. It is constructed from polymer and some obvious parts are metal like a barrel and bolt. If you think that it is too heavy then you can skip it but I believe it is worth the weight for the purposes of realism which is one of the reasons I had to include it in the list. Some fitness never killed anybody!

It is a very accurate gun with solid power (you can hit targets at over 200 ft with the power of 380 FPS per average), therefore you will have a great time using it in fields. It can compete with high-end snipers in good hands and is an appropriate choice for both beginners and more serious players.

You can attach a bipod to it for better stability which is something that I recommend, but this model does not come with a bipod included, so you will have to get it separately.

The magazines hold 30 rounds. This gun requires extra maintenance so it does not jam, however, maintenance is a good practice to keep on every airsoft replica anyways.

The best thing about this sniper is its vigorous design followed by a good performance for an affordable price which makes this my all-time favorite airsoft sniper rifle.

Product Information
FPS380 (measured with 0.20 gram BB)
Recommended Ammo0.25/0.30 gram BBs
Magazine Size30
TypeSpring-bolt action
MaterialMetal/ABS polymer
Adjustable Hop-upYes
Effective range200 ft

Double Eagle M59P Airsoft
Sniper Rifle

Beginner friendly, affordable, good, and comes with cool accessories

M59P Airsoft sniper rifle
Photo Source: Airsoft Station

Here we have another great gun for beginners and with a few upgrades, this sniper becomes the superb range machine in the field.

This gun is based on the L96 original design which is known for being a weapon of choice in the British army and many states around the globe.

It has some metal components like a full metal barrel, bolt, and trigger but most of the gun is made from ABS polymer that is of excellent quality. Such ABS polymer pasts my test if it does not break after I drop it on the concrete and expose it to the pressure, so with this sniper, you won’t have an easy time breaking it. The feeling in hands and the weight is not like one of those high-end heavy rifles but it can happen to be an advantage because the lesser the weight, the more restful and quick you get.

It comes with a detachable folding bipod and when you place yourself under the cover it will be a true pleasure to operate with it.

It also comes with an adjustable hop-up system, the magazines hold 30 rounds and it has a front rail that allows you to attach some cool devices to it, besides optical sights you can experiment with lasers or tactical lights.

Product InformationDetail
FPS400 (measured with 0.20 gram BB)
Recommended Ammo0.25/0.30 gram BBs
Magazine Size30
TypeSpring-bolt action
MaterialMetal/ABS polymer
Adjustable Hop-upYes
Effective range180 ft

Double Eagle M62 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper

Beginner friendly, affordable, and good

Source: Airsoft Station

This is one of those guns that are among the first options for beginners, it offers everything that a beginner may need for an affordable price. The price is probably its biggest advantage and if you are still learning about airsoft or have a wish to try sniping this gun is going to be a good starting option.

It feels good in hands, you do not have the feeling that it is a toy and the details are on the level. It is not a full metal gun but this ABS polymer seems to be really decent. If you drop the gun it’s not going to immediately break like some other guns on the market that are manufactured from cheap plastics.

The clip holds 20 rounds which is a fine thing and it comes with an adjustable hop-up system which is important.

The gun is pretty powerful (440-460 FPS), more than what I expected for the cost, I have heard stories about this gun that kids manage to hit accurately cans at 100 feet distance. Perhaps those kids are just natural-born snipers but I believe that the gun is serious and that anyone with decent aiming skills can rely on it. With a good scope, you can surely go far over 100 feet accurately.

Do I believe that there are better snipers, especially if you plan to upgrade them later? Yes, I do, but this sniper has passed all tests and is promising for anyone on budget and beginners. This gun can be modified later as well.

Bear in mind that you will need to get a decent scope if you want to increase the accuracy, separately bought scopes often outperform the starting ones that come with guns, especially if you get something on a budget.

Product informationDetail
FPS440-460 (measured with 0.20 gram BB)
Recommended Ammo0.30+ gram BBs
Magazine Size20
TypeSpring-bolt action
MaterialMetal/ABS polymer
Adjustable Hop-upYes
Effective Range180 ft

ASG M40A3 Sportline Bolt Action Airsoft sniper

Can’t go wrong with this one

Photo source: Airsoft Station

This airsoft sniper fits the budget and definitely does the job even before expensive upgrades for any beginner out there. What is great about this one is that it is quite powerful (440-480 FPS) while being good at longer distances. You will have an easy time hitting static targets at 200 ft if you have at least some training. I have not tested it at 250 ft but I have heard of many players that it can reach 250 ft accurately. However, one thing is hitting static targets, and the other thing, always more difficult, is hitting the moving targets.

Hop up is adjustable which is important and magazines hold 27 rounds.

The body is not made of full metal but the barrel and bolt are metal and the rest of the gun is made from polymer. Polymer is fine and the whole gun is thick, so you should not worry about it breaking anytime, does it feel authentic? Well, this gun feels good in hands and is pretty realistic compared to the real ones but the difference can always be felt unless you are on a thousand-dollar budget.

This gun is a good choice because it offers good quality, can be used against the high-end snipers, and can be upgraded which will eventually make it a true machine if you decide to do it, not a bad pick at all.

However, as is the case with many snipers, you should buy a decent scope on your own and attach it to it for the best results.

Airsoft Station allows you to customize your purchase, so you can add a scope immediately or purchase it separately (At the end of this post I have chosen my picks for a good sight).

Product InformationDetail
FPS440-480 (measured with 0.20 gram BB)
Recommended Ammo0.30+ gram BBs
Magazine Size27
TypeSpring-bolt action
MaterialMetal/ABS polymer
Adjustable Hop-upYes
Effective range200 ft

Well m187d Spring bolt action Airsoft Sniper Rifle

The Powerful one for the cost

This airsoft sniper simply sends you on knees if it hits you, you may have to adjust some things to lower the fps on this one (FPS average 500+) if the fields say so, however with heavier BBs this will not be an issue and you will play to its full potential. Heavier BBs reduce the fps and offer you more accuracy on far distances, even playing on the windy days will be just like a normal day this way. High FPS guns allow you to use such heavier BBs (consider using something near 40 grams).

The gun is not only powerful but very accurate itself but you may need to adjust the hop-up if you find it necessary.

The barrel and bolt are metal, the rest of the gun is a decent polymer. It is a solid gun, the design looks fine to me, and with proper maintenance, it should serve you for a very long time.

I believe that you should not think only about the fps when choosing a gun because high FPS does not mean a great gun. However, I decided to include this gun on the list because the FPS is good for relatively cheap sniper, and have not heard people complaining about it either.

If your number one priority is high FPS, then go for it because the rest of the gun is decent too!

You can upgrade it and make it even better if you want more accuracy and so on, that high FPS is a wonderful thing for using heavier BBs for sure!

Product InformationDetail

500-550 (measured with 0.20 gram BB)
Recommended Ammo40 gram BBs
Magazine Size20
TypeSpring-bolt action
MaterialMetal/ABS polymer
Adjustable Hop-upyes
Effective Range220 ft

The Conclusion

The long-lasting, high-end professional snipers with high FPS, accuracy, stability may cost a fortune, however, it is worth getting one after you are sure that you are dedicated enough to become a sniper until then you can rely on snipers that cost under 150$ because this fits the budget for most beginners. Snipers are very expensive in airsoft but they are worth it, a good sniper can be a game-winner when used properly.

In my case, I decided to get the mentioned L96 and slowly upgrade it with time!

I have recommended my favorite scopes for snipers, so if you do not have one or want to know what is important criteria for finding one, you can check my post on it.

When I say that snipers are very expensive I mean that when you would make research on the best parts available on the market, you would realize that upgrades easily add up to the price. But you should not be worried about it right now.

All the mentioned airsoft sniper rifles on the list are to be considered as good guns, just stay away from the stuff below $50, you will not be able to use them competitively at all.


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