6 Best non Blowback Airsoft Pistols in 2020

Non blowback gun on the table

Non blowback airsoft pistols are smart choice for everyone who want to skip the fancy realism brought by blowback mechanism, and therefore save lots of money.

Non blowbacks save you the money both by using less gas and by the manufacturing costs but they are also easier for maintenance and often have better FPS.

There are many non blowback airsoft pistols on the market and I have made research in order to bring you the top proven-to-work non blowback pistols that have been experienced by other players. I included only those that I did not hear complaints about, so with some basic maintenance, they shall serve you for a very long time.

Although optional, you can also check my guide on choosing a sight for your airsoft pistol, so once you find a good pistol you can increase its accuracy and appearance.

I will be updating the list in case that I find new stuff.

Here is the list of the best non blowback pistols:

  • WG Full Metal M 1911 airsoft pistol
  • Game Face AEG airsoft pistol
  • Glock Gen19 airsoft pistol
  • Beretta Elite II airsoft pistol
  • Tokyo Marui MK23 airsoft pistol
  • Dan Wesson 8″ airsoft revolver

WG Full Metal M 1911 non blowback pistol

You can check the price on Amazon here.

This pistol is an absolute beast when it comes to non blowbacks and deserves the spot in this list. I was simply amazed by not only its performance but also by the way it looks and feels in a hand.

This gun has a metal slide and the frame is built from high quality ABS polymer which makes it a strong and durable pistol that will hardly get damaged.

Realistic weight and look makes it pretty realistic although it does not have the blowback.

This pistol has double action (don’t have to cock it to shoot it but you can).

Good accuracy and range with high FPS means the gun has everything it needs.

Performs better than some 120$+ gas blowback pistols on the market which adds up to the fact why the non blowback pistols are the best airsoft pistols on the market in terms of the efficiency.

Has awesome popping sound when fired that not all other pistols have.

The effective range is somewhere at 100 feet or slightly less than that.

I recommend that you use 0.30 gram BBs, this is due to the fact that such high FPS gun can support heavy BBs and heavy BBs are the number one reason why some guns achieve the accuracy at long distances.

When its windy outside and you shot a BB, the wind interferes and you lose the accuracy, heavy BBs are more resistant to it.

The pistol has the safety mode available and is upgradable with additional parts.

This pistol certainly has many advantages, the only disadvantage is that it uses more gas than other guns on the list (average 5 magazines before refill), this is due to the high FPS.

Gas can be a serious expense and that’s why I prefer electric guns every time (there is one electric pistol on the list that you will read about soon), however if you do not mind it, go ahead!

Product InformationDetail
FPS400 FPS (measured with 0.20 gram BB)
Recommended Ammo0.30 gram BB
Magazine Size16 round
TypeCO2 (Semi-automatic)
MaterialMetal/ Polymer
Adjustable Hop-upYes
Effective range100 feet
Bear in mind that the “effective range” is an estimation at which the pistols are most accurate. You may shoot the pistols further than that.

WG/TSD Sports Full metal 1991 non blowback pistol

Source: Airsoft Station

You can check the price on Airsoft Station here.

For everyone that want the 1:1 authentic replicas I have found this similar and bit more authentic model.

This model is also more affordable for all those who want to fit the budget, therefore I felt like I should include it into the list so you have an additional option.

Game Face AEG non blowback pistol

Perhaps the smartest pick for non blowbacks if you want effectiveness and to save the money at the same time

GameFace GFAP13 Electric Airsoft Pistol 6mm

You can check the price on Pyramyd Air here.

I decided to include one electric pistol on the list because this gun is not only highly efficient and effective in combat, but is also saves precious money otherwise spent on gas, which will save you more money than you would expect. This gun is great for both, the beginners and professionals, you can use it as a secondary weapon and rely on it whenever things get messy at close distances.

 This airsoft pistol has 250 FPS and it is its biggest “disadvantage” for some people, but every experienced player knows that FPS does not matter and you do not need more FPS than that with a pistol.

The high quality inner parts allows this gun to be surprisingly accurate and 250 FPS accompanied with light BBs will do the job at any close distance.

You will have to recharge the battery on this one but this is a great thing because it is going to save you lots of money otherwise spent on CO2 cartridges.

The battery lasts 2-3 hours.

This is one of the best picks if you plan to go on fields often, especially as a secondary gun because its quick (can be full auto) and does its job at the effective range of 65 feet, you will not need to ask for more.

Product InformationDetail
FPS250 FPS (measured with 0.20 gram BB)
Recommended Ammo0.20 gram BB
Magazine Size30 round
TypeElectric ( FULL automatic, Semi-automatic)
MaterialMetal/ Polymer
Adjustable Hop-upYes
Effective range65 feet

Glock Gen19 non blowback pistol

You can check the price on Amazon here.

I had to include the glock replica on the list, there are both blowback and non blowback glock airsoft replicas on the market and both look great. First reason why I included this pistol is because there are so many people out there that simply fell in love with glocks and this is a great opportunity to play with one.

This is the Glock 17 compact version with glock trademarks and front and rear sights. This airsoft pistol is fully licensed by GLOCK which adds up to the credibility.

Overall it is pretty authentic but some parts like the grip and slide are a bit shorter so if you know a thing or two about real glock you will be able to spot the differences,however if you do not than it will seem as you are operating with real glock. The gun is also pretty light and feels good in hands.

Its frame is built from polymer that feels thick and does not simply breaks and the slide is metal, there is also the rail where devices such as the lasers or lights can be attached if you are willing to upgrade it later. I like to have such options, lasers are really cool at nights.

The pistol is able to go for full 10 magazines before you will need to refill it with co2.

Good accuracy at shorter distances, I would not use it at longer distances above 75 feet because that is where you start to become slightly inaccurate but can still be used. At distances under 75 feet it works like a charm.

It has a double action trigger and safety option.

Product InformationDetail
FPS300-330 FPS (measured with 0.20 gram BB)
Recommended Ammo0.20 gram BB
Magazine Size12 round
TypeCO2 (Semi-automatic)
MaterialMetal/ Polymer
Adjustable Hop-upYes
Effective range75 feet

Beretta Elite II non blowback pistol

Source: Airsoft Station

You can check the price on Airsoft Station here.

This Beretta replica airsoft pistol is the cheapest on the list. I decided to include it for all those guys on a budget, it is not the best performing pistol but still performs pretty decently. The price is really affordable for everyone and it can be used as a decent beginner pistol and competitively if you are not looking for something very accurate and powerful at longer distances.

The pistol it self performs quite well but it comes with certain disadvantages like molded safety option and non adjustable hop up. Accuracy is slightly worse than on the other pistols but it works good and has the effective range under 50 feet.

It has the rail under the barrel which allows you to attach lasers or all kinds of lights, this is a good thing and you can upgrade it later.

The pistol comes with Beretta trademarks and does not look bad, it has a metal barrel and magazine, the rest is polymer. Weight is properly redistributed and feels good in hands.

You do not have to worry about its quality, it is not going to break if you handle it properly.

I recommend this gun for all those on the budget or who just need something simple that works well for the price it comes with. It is also a double action gun.

Product InformationDetail
FPS350-380 FPS (measured with 0.20 gram BB)
Recommended Ammo0.20 gram BB
Magazine Size15 round
TypeCO2 (Semi-automatic)
MaterialMetal/ Polymer
Adjustable Hop-upNo
Effective range50 feet

Tokyo Marui MK23 non blowback pistol

I had to mention this classic that is well known inside the airsoft community.

It is known to be one of the best non blowback pistols on the market for years and years and yet it continues to be a really solid piece of an airsoft gun. However, it is really expensive and it is not a good choice for an average airsoft player.

You can hit moving targets with it at 80 feet if you are a good marksman and the reason why is it good is the way it silently operates. It is really difficult for anyone to spot you when using this gun, therefore it is a great airsoft pistol for stealth play. Most airsoft players do not need such stealthy gun but it is a must mention when talking about great non blowback guns on the market.

It is also pretty gas efficient and the design looks like it jumped out of some hitman movies.

The gun has safety feature as well.

The price for this gun is 140$+

Product InformationDetail
FPS330 FPS (measured with 0.20 gram BB)
Recommended Ammo0.30 gram BB
Magazine Size16 round
TypeGreen gas (Semi-automatic)
MaterialMetal/ Polymer
Adjustable Hop-upYes
Effective range80 feet

Dan Wesson 8″ Co2 Revolver

Source: Airsoft Station

You can check the price on Airsoft Station here.

I had to put this one on the list for all cowboys out there. This is a really nice airsoft CO2 revolver that has surprised many players by its power and accuracy.

It is well designed, feels awesome in hands and is durable with proper maintenance. This gun will not break if you drop it on concrete or in the mud multiple times every weekend for some long time.

It may be questionable for competitive airsoft play at a first sight because it looks so robust, but it can certainly be used if you are ready to adapt. The reloading is satisfying just like in the western movies and does not take more than a few seconds once you get into practice.

The revolver can hit targets at 80 feet accurately and its biggest advantage is its power.

It is not expensive for such good benefits it comes with and I do recommend it If you are willing to have a different approach in game because revolvers require some practice. If you bring this to CQB you are going to have great time, but only if you can lower the FPS to fit the field requirements.

Therefore, this revolver is welcoming outdoor play if you are ready for its power. It can be also used for shooting cans in the backyard because it penetrates through every single can out there and the sound it makes is flourishing.

Product InformationDetail
FPS450 (measured with 0.20 gram BB)
Recommended Ammo0.25.-0.30 gram BB
Magazine Size10 round
TypeCO2 (semi-automatic)
MaterialMetal/ Polymer
Adjustable Hop-upNo
Effective range80 feet

Conclusion on the best non blowback airsoft pistols

It is the conclusion time! I recommend you one of those guns above no matter whether you are a beginner or have been playing for a while, you can pick from a bit pricey ones that perform great and are absolutely worth it and Beretta that is budget friendly.

I believe that it is always worth paying a bit more and to get something that is of decent quality than to purchase something that is going to last for some time and then you will realize that you could have cut that extra cake and a coffee for a few days and get yourself something proper.

The mentioned airsoft pistols are great for the value they come with and you could think about equipping yourself with some additional magazines if you want to take them on the field, it is annoying to play with a single one but you can do it for beginning. If you prefer to shoot bottles and cans or play private matches than you will have a less stressful time.

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