10 Items to Bring To the Airsoft Field (Checklist)

A funny airsoft checklist to bring to the field

It’s better to be safe than sorry, so don’t forget to bring both the essential and useful things in a backpack when going to an airsoft field.

Some players prepare their checklist of items they bring to the field, but some forget and then they either have to ask other players to help them or drive back home which usually means the end of the gaming day.

This is completely understandable if you are just starting out with airsoft, so let me create a checklist of items you should bring, so you don’t forget anything!

1. Reserve battery

Reserve battery is super important for AEGs because it’s not unusual that a battery dies during the game and there are still hours of game in front of you. You may think that the charger is the option, but with only a single battery it’s going to take hours before it’s full and in the meantime, you won’t have a functioning battery in the gun.

Furthermore, a battery will run out faster in cold environments during autumn and winter days and if it somehow gets wet or malfunctions, your only way to continue the game will be a fresh, fully charged second battery.

Bear in mind that every battery needs some care, so be careful how you store batteries or you’ll hurt their lifespan and possibly cause a malfunction as could be the case with not properly stored LiPos (it’s really good to have a dedicated LiPo box).

2. Charger

It’s good to bring the charger, so while you are using the secondary battery you brought in case the first one gets empty, you can charge the first one and vice versa.

This allows you to be active in the game for days, without ever interrupting your game flow.

Be careful to only use a charger that fits your battery type! A wrong charger can hurt a battery and cause plenty of drama you’ll want to avoid.

This is the reason why it’s better to bring your own charger than to ask others for theirs because simply not everyone owns the same gear.

There’s also one more option if the budget allows so, bring not 2, but 3+ batteries and you won’t even need a charger.

3. Mobile phone charger

More chargers, the technology is such a burden!

Days can get quite long and you may run out of battery on your precious mobile device. Wherever you go, a phone charger gets handy.

4. Thermo water bottle or water tank

Don’t drink from cheap plastic bottles as they are not healthy and the water easily warms up and develops that plastic taste. As a matter of fact, don’t bring any water bottle that isn’t purposely made for refilling, and make sure it has those thermal properties to keep the temperature balanced.

When you get thirsty, a refreshing sip of water or soda will bring you back into the game while the warm one will make you regret getting off the couch.

If you want (and I really recommend it) you can get a water tank which you put on the back and use an inbuilt straw to take sips during the game.

The phenomenal thing about hydration backpacks is that the liquid remains cold for hours and you can drink without using your hands, so when you get into the cover and have a short time to drink you can just reach out for the straw with your mouth and immediately return the fire.

It’s really cool to move and play while enjoying the drink. The only cooler thing is to put in something like beer or vodka if you are rolling that Russian loadout (just a joke, don’t get drunk during airsofting, it can be dangerous for you and others).

5. Sun spray

My pale skin hardly endures even the sun reflecting off the mirror, but not everyone is pale as me. Yet, sun spray is a really good addition during summer and hot spring days because although you’ll be looking for covered spots and stay low in the shadows, you’ll still walk under the sunshine from time to time while you are advancing.

When you play for the entire day, it easily adds up so it’s handy to spray some sun lotion over the exposed skin. Remember, the sun is good for our health and mood, but too much UV exposure is the greatest enemy of the skin.

6. Bug spray

Mosquitos are not the only pestilence during warm days, but there are tons of other insects and tics are among the worst.

Any bug spray will make your life easier, but you should really worry about tics as they can be dangerous and you’ll be crawling through all sorts of vegetation and tics will have a whole day of opportunities.

I recommend that you buy anti-tic spray and never play outdoors during the tic seasons without it.

7. Sticking plaster

Every single time in the field someone will get a minor injury like a scratch or a blister, so having a sticking plaster will be of help. Even if you don’t find a use for yourself, someone might need it and they will be forever thankful.

Blisters are weird, you don’t expect them as you think you chose the right footwear and socks, only to have feet full of blisters after a few hours of intense play.

Good boots are tested in the game when things get dirty because everything is comfortable when you are not running and jumping in a panic.

Once you find the boots that no longer give you blisters, take good care of them and recommend them to other players!

8. Tape

No one expects their gun to break during the play, but sometimes you drop it or crush it off the concrete wall and something falls off or cracks.

The tape will be a good temporary solution as if you continue to play without the tape support you may further damage the gun and make it unfixable.

You may not use it, but stuff it somewhere in the bag and just know it is there if things go wrong.

9. Reserve magazines

Just like batteries, more magazines mean more comfortable play and less time worrying about things unrelated to the actual game.

Reloading is a slow process if you have to do it after every assault, so additional magazines are super important!

High-capacity magazines are the best solution if you own a limited number of magazines, but if you rely on low or mid-caps, you won’t be able to play without additional magazines at the side.

10. Speedloader

Don’t forget your speed loader at home as this simple thing will be the difference between sore fingers and frustration and an enjoyable day on the airsoft field.

No one should ever fill their mags without a speed loader!

Bring your guns or prepare to rent them

I may not have to mention this as it’s quite obvious, yet if a player doesn’t own a gun and plans to rent it’s good to think in advance. Not all fields rent guns by default, some only deal BBs, merch, beverages, or food. So, it’s important to check via the phone, e-mail, or website whether the field actually rents the gun before the player gets to the field. Another issue could be if all desired guns are already reserved or rented.

Final take on

Things like safety eye protection and other stuff are self-explanatory and if you run out of the BBs (which you should definitely bring in large numbers) you’ll be able to purchase them in the field as they are the most common resource in airsoft.

Create the checklist and be ready for your next airsoft game! If you have ideas of things I should add to the list which I may have forgotten, go ahead and send me an e-mail!

To be prepared is to have an advantage before the game starts!


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